A Sotheby’s Home avid shopper shares her tips and pictures of her new heirlooms and conversation pieces.


How do you describe your home?
My home reflects who I am and is a place that holds warm and great memories. It is my sacred place, and holds a cozy and a comfortable ambience for my family and dear friends.

The way I style must be rewarding, feasible, useful but also charming. My rooms reflect my personality and my passion. I like to purchase items that you don’t necessarily find twice. I don’t believe that everything needs to match—to me, art has its own life and is a thing apart. I love trying new things, and decorating allows me to shift from my stressful job, providing me a heaven and a place free of tension and anxiety.

How often do you rearrange your décor, and what are the typical challenges you face?
I live in New York City and I love the four seasons—I rearrange my home at least twice a year. This helps me revitalize and create a new look each time, making my rooms look updated. My home is not big enough and that can create a big challenge because I don’t like clutter, but I make sure that my purchases are distinguished items that I can display through the year, and I can mix and match with what I have already.

The Sotheby’s Home find: Early-20th Century Berkey & Gay China Cabinet

How did you choose what you bought from Sotheby’s Home? Was it a planned purchase or spurred by looking online?
When I purchase from Sotheby’s Home, I look for items that will connect throughout the rooms in the house, conversation pieces and heirlooms that I can pass on to my daughters. I love Sotheby’s Home’s choices in décor because it’s easy for me to make them connect and flow together with what I already have in place. When purchasing my décor, I like to plan. I choose the space for the item I will be purchasing. I don’t like to purchase in the spur of the moment because, if don’t plan, I may purchase the wrong item. I try not to be impulsive with my shopping: I measure, I get an idea on how the item is going to fit to the space and how it’s going to look, and only then, I make the purchase. So far, I have no regrets on every piece I purchased from Sotheby’s Home. Everything is in the right place, and every item makes the spaces feels immaculate, lucid and airy.

The Sotheby’s Home find: Port 68 Braganza Box And Tray

We are curious about how you shop. Did you enter any particular words in search functionality?
To be honest, I hardly use the search function. I am an avid browser who goes through each tab, looking at everything to see what catches my eye. When I do use the search bar, it is generally for an item that does not have its own tab, like “busts.” I try not to limit myself to a style or to a period.

The Sotheby’s Home find: Late-19th Century Traditional Head Bust

Do you have shopping tips for people buying furniture or décor accessories online?
When shopping online, you should find a store that matches your style and expresses yourself. Take a look at the assessments made by others to ensure you will be a satisfied customer. A way to determine that is by checking other people’s reviews and their experiences when dealing with the store you are planning to purchase through online. Always check their returns policy, especially if you need to return or exchange the item. You don’t want surprises and be stuck with an item you do not wish to keep.

Shop stores online with a good selection of items. For example, at Sotheby’s Home, you can find items from furniture, décor, art to jewelry—the choices are endless. More importantly, shop a store you can trust—customers usually will provide reviews on a seller, especially if they are not satisfied.

The Sotheby’s Home find: Late-19th Century Japanese Lacquer Brazier Stand

Do you have suggestions for our site or things you would like to see happening?
I would love to see a book on Sotheby’s Home, with all the people’s creations and ideas people have when purchasing your items. I know you display the posts on Facebook and Instagram, but Sotheby’s Home having their own book is an idea for us to place on our tables and make it a topic of conversation.

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