It doesn’t matter if you are contemplating a full-on redesign or just want to say goodbye to a former favorite item in your home, the process of selling something can sometimes be daunting. Sotheby’s Home makes consignment easy, keeping great design in circulation.

First things first!
Just start by submitting each item for details in our seller portal, and we will get in touch with you after your items are approved to set up time with one of our Consignment Liaison team members. The team combines decades of experience in the fine arts, antiques and furniture world, and will guide you through your virtual appointment, making it easy to get your items documented and ready to list from the comfort of your home.

Here are a few frequently asked questions that can help you get started:

How does a Virtual Consignment appointment work?
Once your pieces have been approved for consignment, we will contact you by email to schedule an appointment.

Interior by Beata Heuman

How long is a typical Virtual Consignment Liaison appointment?
The length of an appointment varies based on the number of items for consignment. We typically allocate 15 minutes per item. Before your appointment:

  • Furniture must be assembled, accessible and cleaned
  • Remove any personal items from the piece (e.g., empty drawers or cabinets, remove photos, books, etc.)
  • Remove dust
  • Clear a path to the piece for easy photography and moving
  • If you have purchase receipts or documentation of provenance, please provide that to the Consignment Liaison

What do I need to do during my Virtual Consignment appointment?
When you receive your meeting invite, it will include a URL to join your video conference appointment at the scheduled time. Simply click the link to join your video conference. You will also need to have a tape measure on hand and a fully charged cell phone to take pictures.

Interior by Aamir Khandwala | Photo by Jacob Snavely

How do you get my items live on Sotheby’s Home?
After the appointment is over, you will be required to send the images via email. Our team will professionally catalog, price and produce the consignment for sale on our site. It’s that easy! We will email you a pricing list for approval before your listing goes live.

Offers and promotions
The pricing recommendations our team will send has our typical discounts factored in. This means your items will be included in relevant promotions and (or) have offers accepted without you having to make time in your day to follow any negotiation or price changes. We will do that for you!

What to do when an item sells.
Mainly, celebrate! After your item sells, we handle the remaining steps, from arranging pickup and delivery (the buyer covers the cost of shipping) to issuing payment to you based on the agreed commission. Our shipping partner will get in touch to schedule a pickup (you will be responsible for shipping small items). Make sure to have the item ready and free from any personal belongings at the agreed date.

Anything else?
Remember, Sotheby’s Home is here to make the process easy for both sellers and buyers. If anything changes in the status of your property (if your address has changed or you no longer have access to your items), please let us know so we can adjust your listing accordingly.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact Client Service at 844.698.4938 or We’re available seven days per week from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. EST, excluding holidays.

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