We are celebrating International Women’s Day in good company. Meet the six female designers everyone needs to be following right now.

Tamara Magel | Balance and Harmony

Hamptons-based interior designer Tamara Magel feels that inner harmony is found when a body recognizes its surroundings. Thus, she combines organic elements, fine finishes, client preferences, scrupulous attention to detail and a dash of whimsy in her designs for both aesthetic appeal and an intangible something that is not seen but felt.

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Erika Ward Interiors | Color Meets Texture

Atlanta-based interior designer Erika Ward’s approach incorporates her previous experience as an accountant managing commercial real estate projects, and her keen design sensibility. Not one to be afraid of sharing, she brings personal flair to her Instagram account, where chronicles of projects and life with five kids seem to balance in unison.

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Mel Bean Interiors | Stunning and Functional

Tulsa-based interior designer Mel Bean has assembled a talented team of women that strive to incorporate comfort, glamour and pragmatic usability into each project they take on. Architecture, existing light, timeline and financial considerations all come into play from the very beginning. The firm works closely with each client to ensure one hundred percent satisfaction.

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Georgia Tapert Howe | No Boundaries

Los Angeles-based interior designer Georgia Tapert Howe believes that good design shouldn’t be restricted by rules or boundaries. Her overarching philosophy is to meld classic elegance, contemporary vibes and 21st-century practicality. This approach allows her to work with countless styles and periods, and create interiors that are both stunning and functional.

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Tali Roth | Attention to Detail

Aussie Tali Roth, who now lives and works in New York City, loves to layer textures, shapes and colors in her creative and contemporary approach. She likes to include vintage furniture in her designs, and she enjoys the challenge of working on projects with multiple spaces, needs and requirements.

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Beata Heuman | Poetic Practicality

Sweden native Beata Heuman believes that every room should sing, so her designs are a blend of poetic lyricism and common-sense practicality. Her intuitive approach is always informed by the client’s preferences, inspirations and experiences. She draws on both past and present when working on all aspects of a project, from loose furnishings to the interior architecture itself.

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