Valentine’s Day should not be just about our significant others, but all of those who inspire us. To that point, there is no better way to celebrate love than to ask our fellow designers who in the design world makes them sigh. The answers, just like our designers, vary in creativity with plenty of surprises along the way.

Max Humphrey >> Dolly Parton

“I pick Dolly Parton. I know she’s not an interior designer, but she’s the queen of yeehaw glam and I will always love her!”  @maxwhumphrey   |  @dollyparton

Peter Sandel >> Charlie Ferrer
“Charlie Ferrer’s work always makes me giddy.”  @petersandeldesign  |

Michael Cox >> Eric Egan
“Eric Egan and specifically the work he did at the Belmond Hotel Splendido.”   @foleyandcox   |   @eric.egan

Amy Elbaum >> Chango & Co, Susana Simonpietri
“I have a lot of crushes…I’d say right now my favorite is Chango & Co.”  @ae_design_  |   @changoandco
Eric Egan >> Les Artisans de Genève
“My current obsession and crush is actually a small Swiss watch company called Les Artisans de Genève. They take vintage Rolex sport models, specifically the Daytona and Submariner, and modify them heavily, elevating them from the standard luxury watch to something unique and special. They have completed projects for Spike Lee and Lenny Kravitz, as well as for Formula One racing icon Juan Pablo Montoya and Italian soccer player Andrea Pirlo.”  @eric.egan   |   @artisansdegeneve

 Chango & Co, Susana Simonpietri >> Brian Patrick Flynn
“My design crush would have to be Brian Patrick Flynn. We’ve become friends through Instagram, and while we’ve yet to meet in person, I think he’s just about the only person (besides my husband) I would enjoy being stuck inside an elevator with.” @changoandco   |   @bpatrickflynn

Douglas Truesdale >> Thad Hayes
“Thad Hayes. I absolutely love everything he does. I mean, there isn’t a single room I can think of that Thad has designed that I’m not crazy about! He’s a genius; a master of mixing, a master of editing and a master of taste.”  @douglastruesdale   |   @thadhayesinc

Charlie Ferrer >> Shawn Henderson
“I proudly name Shawn Henderson as my crush.”   |   @shawnhendersonnyc

Amy Lau >> Joseph Walsh
“The Irish Furniture Designer Extraordinaire, Joseph Walsh!!!”  @amylaudesign  |   @josephwalshstudio

Marie Flanigan >> Aerin Lauder

“Lifestyle maven and founder of her own empire, Aerin effortlessly infuses beauty into everything she touches. From lipstick to lighting, Aerin’s attention to detail, classic lines and timeless aesthetic are her trademarks. She is the perfect inspirational muse for women who love to live life beautifully.”  @marieflaniganinteriors  |  @aerin

Elizabeth Lawson >> Disc Interiors, Krista Schrock and David John Dick

“Disc Interiors is my ultimate design crush. They can do no wrong in my book. Their interiors and the materials they implement are simple and classic, yet their spaces are always interesting, unexpected and feel timeless.”  @elizabethlawsondesign   |   @discinteriors


Colin King >> Studio Mellone, Andre Mellone

“I love Andre Mellone because his work always feels warm. He has the ability to create a space that feels layered yet refined and tailored, while having a rich palette that never feels overwhelming.”  @colinking  |   @studiomellone

Jason Oliver Nixon >> Bryan Ferry
“My crush would have to be musician Bryan Ferry. Such style, so debonair and those knife-edged suits. A splash of aristocratic leanings with a glam-rock edge. I could listen to the albums Avalon and Bête Noire on eternal repeat. The video for Ferry’s 1988 song “Limbo” is the chic-est thing ever, all Josephine Baker. I love that Ferry grew up the son of a coal miner and became this absolute eternal style icon. And, oh, his hair! I am also mad, mad, mad for actor Tilda Swinton. The hair, the chameleon-like quality!” @madcapcottage  |   @bryanferry_roxymusic

John Loecke >> Iris Apfel
“Now and forever. She is so incredibly chic and really proves that true style is ageless. Plus, she is super witty and lives, lives, lives. And I love how she mixes high and low so adroitly.” @madcapcottage  |   @iris.apfel

Michelle Nussbaumer >> Veere Grenney
“Not only is he the most elegant gentleman, but last summer I was fortunate enough to be his guest in Tangier. His villa is what dreams are made of.”  @michellenussbaumer   |   @veere_grenney

Disc Interiors, Krista Schrock and David John Dick >> StudioIlse, Ilse Crawford

“We’ve always been crushed out on Ilse Crawford, of StudioIlse!”   @discinteriors   |   @studioilse

Brady Tolbert >> Transition State Design

“Is it really called a design crush if you’re willing to drop everything and move into their latest project, or does that fall into design obsession? From layered neutrals to graphic moments to iconic furniture pieces, their projects all give my design heart something to crush on.”  @bradytolbert   |  @transitionstatedesign

Maite Granda >> Kelly Hoppen

“Some time ago, on a trip to Barcelona, I stayed at the Murmuri Hotel designed by Kelly Hoppen. From the moment I walked in, I felt in love with the elegance,  simplicity and functionality of the hotel. She has been one of my favorites for a long time now.”  @interiorsbymaite   |   @kellyhoppen

Lindsay Pennington > Steven Sclaroff

“A genius, plain and simple; my very first (and longest) design crush.”  @lindsaypennington  |   @stevensclaroff


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