Texas born and bred, Caleb Anderson doesn’t shy from making a statement. The co-founder of Drake/Anderson, who got his start as an intern for design maestro Jamie Drake, blends period antiques with custom, artisan pieces for a play on tradition that’s dynamic, unexpected and thoroughly modern.

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How did you discover your passion for design?
Design was at the forefront of my many interests from a young age. I have early memories of helping my mother decorate and collecting pages out of design magazines. I was a creative kid and, as I grew older, interior design seemed like a viable career path that would satisfy my creative side and allow me to pursue my entrepreneurial ambitions.

What is your favorite decorative object at home?
My growing collection of books—and I cannot pick only one. Books are a source of inspiration, relaxation, motivation and decoration for me!

Is design an art or a science?
Design is both an art AND a science! The most successful designers can bridge these two subjects—often a complex orchestration of many moving ideas and parts. Designers wear many hats, scientist and artist are only two of them.

Do you have any go-to color or pattern combinations?
Lately I have been gravitating toward rich jewel tones mixed with black and white.

When do you consider a completed project a success?
When a client walks into their completed project for the first time and glows with happiness.

Share your biggest design secret.
I prefer complex materiality in my designs. One way I achieve this is by never having two of the same materials touching. No metal lamps on metal tables, or velvet pillows on velvet sofas—mix it up!

What is the most common design mistake you see?
Without a doubt, scale. Achieving the correct scale requires study; not just of an individual piece, but also how that item relates to the elements around it.

How do you balance style, comfort and functionality?
Balance by being equitable. At our firm, an interior must be stylish, comfortable and functional—they are requirements. Rigorous consideration is given to make sure all of these boxes are checked. Good design is about living well, and you cannot live well in a beautiful interior that is uncomfortable and doesn’t function well for the client.

Is there a specific item you typically use as a starting point? (ex: rug, artwork, statement piece, furniture)
A starting point for a project can come from anywhere, and for me it does! It is, however, always great when a client can bring a strong point of departure to the table. This can be anything from artwork to a beautiful scarf.

What do you think about Sotheby’s Home?
Sotheby’s Home is a vast resource full of incredible finds for designers and design enthusiasts alike. I have directed many of our clients who are looking to sell pieces in their home to the site as well. Beyond the product, the editorial content is inspiring and informative. I frequent the website and look forward to the consistently fresh inventory.

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