Placing a mirror in a room instantly adds light, character and a magical dose of reflection. Check out our four designer-approved ways to use mirrors to transform a wall.

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Focus on Frames

Unlike artwork, most mirrors are completely neutral until you add the frame. So let the frame be the star of the show, and look for incredible details and over-the-top frames to serve as focal points.

From Left: Contemporary Laser Cut Mirror, Jonathan Adler St. Germain Mirror, and Mid-Century Modern Venetian Wall Mirror.

Designer Tip: Elaborate frames, colorful frames or even just frames in odd shapes are game changers in small spaces like powder rooms and closets.

Mirror Magic

The art and science of a looking glass combine in mirrors that use different techniques to break up the glass, bend reality and create optical illusions. These mirrors celebrate the fun of mirrors just like a good old-fashioned fun house.

From Left: Neal Small Slopes Mirror, Contemporary Mirrored Glass Plate, and Louis J. Solomon, Inc. Geometric Mirror.

Designer Tip: Experiment with mirrors! They are shape shifters, light reflectors and quite a magical item to have on your wall, ceiling or pretty much any surface.

Optimize Light

Use large mirrors across to bounce more light into a room. You can create the illusion of more light and more space with the simple addition of a big mirror.

From Left: Gustav Carroll Acanthus Leaf Mirror, Transitional Style Beveled Antiqued Floor Mirror, and Italian Horizontal Venetian Mirror.

Designer Tip: Place a mirror across from a window to reflect the outdoors and brighten up your space.

Gallery Wall

Instead of using art to create a gallery wall, imagine a wall full of interesting mirrors in different shapes to become one large statement wall. Consider different shapes and sizes to create an incredible wall of glass and light.

From Left: Louis J. Solomon, Inc. Bamboo Mirror, Hollywood Regency Style Geometric Framed Mirror, and Lawrence Laske for Casati Gallery Lola Small Wall Mirror.

Designer Tip: Mix and match styles, but tie it all together by using frames in the same neutral finish like gold, silver or black.

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