Nothing transforms a blank wall quite like a gallery of perfectly picked artwork placed in an eye-pleasing configuration. Interior designers are pros at pulling off these walls, but you can also arrange a gorgeous group of artwork by choosing a theme and sticking with it.

Let a piece of art you own inspire a theme for your collection, or pick one of these no-fail themes to start your arrangement. And you don’t have to stick to traditionally framed pieces. A mix of paintings, photography, china, prints, carvings, trays and other wall hangings is what makes it even more buzz-worthy. Here are five designer-approved themes to get your gallery wall in tip-top shape. Start shopping art other wall hangings on Sotheby’s Home.

People Pleasers
Featured Art: Ronald Clyne Small Face, Ronald Clyne Reclining Woman, Eric Gibbons Olympian Steve, Charley Molton Portrait Of A Young Man, Simon Two Paintings Of Women, and Ronald Clyne Portrait Of A Man.

Depicting the human body has captivated artists since the beginning of time. Seeing the human story captured in art simply makes for a mesmerizing gallery wall. Look for pieces that show off the human body in all its glory, and tell a variety of stories about human nature. The simple thread of the body (abstract, hyper-realistic or somewhere in between) creates a truly impactful grouping for a wall in any room.

Featured Art: Robert Yoder Annspatch, Modern Style Abstract IV, Robert Yoder Coates, Piero Fornasetti Giornali Pattern Dinner Plate, Arts & Crafts Style Buttons, and Piero Fornasetti 1985 Platto Calendario Pattern Platter.

Squares, circles, rectangles, oh my! The combination of shapes in your artwork is a way to organize its world on your gallery wall. Think of this grouping as a geometry lesson where you combine pieces with simple kindergarten shapes into one large configuration that is aesthetically pleasing. Mix and match basic shapes to create a subtle mathematical theme.

Flora & Fauna
Featured Art: Piero Fornasetti Three-Piece Smoking Set, Piero Fornasetti Square Dishes, Lazar Art Cosmic Daisies, Piero Fornasetti Fiori Pattern Dinner Plate, Lucy Driscoll Cabin In The Forest, Attributed to Ronald Clyne Small Landscape.

Nature inspires the work of countless artists, and it can also be the inspiration for your gallery wall. The juxtaposition of curving leaves, colorful petals and inspiring landscapes is a theme that can do no wrong. Nature as muse works for any gallery wall, and allows you to mix multiple eras of artwork in one blooming, lush and natural wall.

Color Crazy
Featured Art: Mark Peacock Felix the Cat, Sandro Chia Athletes, Robert Yoder Uncertain Park, Tim Yanke Yanke Doodle 2015, and Richard Rockford Repurpose Series.

While you might want to stick to neutrals in your upholstery and paint colors, art is a place you can go wild with color. A picture wall bursting with energetic hues creates a focal point that can’t be missed. Play with pieces that incorporate bright colors to your heart’s content, and you’ll be amazed at how vibrant color can give a room instant energy.

Metallic Gleam
Featured Art: Piero Fornasetti Melodramma Pattern Coasters, Hollywood Regency Style Ornate Wall Mirror, Eclectic Burke Wall Sculpture, and Colombo Mobili USA Volute Mirror.

Finding pieces for your walls that incorporate metallic elements have a very unexpected effect. The hints of metallic provide gleaming and glimmering moments, reflecting light from sunshine and your lighting. This glow creates a special wall that plays with light and reflection in interesting ways. Just like lit candles can transform the feeling of a dinner table, metallics used in a gallery wall capture a magic that’s hard to replicate.

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