Bigger isn’t always better. Small spaces need love, too, and sometimes even more attention. Designing a small room can feel daunting, but you don’t have to settle for simple or boring. While the theme of décor you choose orchestrates the mood, it’s how you tie it all together that can completely revamp a space. 

The key to designing any room like a pro is to avoid clutter without making the room appear too empty, which is especially crucial for smaller spaces. A simple way to do this is to start with a couple statement pieces, like a lively area rug or a sleek mirror, and go from there. Be thoughtful of the dimensions you’re working with by opting for space-saving furnishings, like a storage trunk or nesting tables. It’s also best to keep all center furnishings that aren’t against a wall close to the ground, so at eye-level the room remains open and evenly balanced. Adding decorative accents or hanging pieces can seem tricky, but skipping those will leave a room feeling undone; so stick with the basics like a desk lamp or eye-catching frame. 

Don’t sacrifice style for your small space – we’ve made it easy to pick pieces you love. From a home office to a spare boudoir, make a smaller room look terrific with these simple but effective solutions. 

Nesting Tables

Quick fix: Interlude Home Jax Nesting Tables

Why they work: What’s great about nesting tables is that you’re always prepared with the perfect option. When you’re looking for more space or a different height, they’re there when you need them. 


Quick fix: Ralph Lauren Home Oxford Trunk On Stand

Why they work: Anything that preserves space is a no-brainer, but you don’t have to sacrifice your sense of style. A trendy trunk doubles its value as not only a stylish decorative piece, but a storage holder as well, and adds a sense of history. 


Quick fix: Interlude Home Corin Bar Stool

Why it works: The beauty of clear acrylic is that it’s functional but has a barely-there effect, which makes it possible to fit the necessities while avoiding an eye-sore. Even better, a simple seat cushion effortlessly changes its appearance. 


Quick fix: Italian Rectangular Cushion Mirror Late-20th Century

Why they work: Again, the key to a small space is making sure every piece has dual functionality. A hung frame adds character to bare walls, so make it a stunning mirror for optimal usage. 

Area Rugs

Quick fix: S&H Rugs Blue Sunburst Area Rug 8’1” x 11’11”

Why they work: Thinking only hardwood floors can benefit from an area rug is a common misconception; placing a contrasting rug over carpet adds depth. A unique pattern is a fail-proof way to add spontaneity to an otherwise simply decorated room. 

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