The appeal of a bar cart isn’t just for at-home happy hours. Compact and easy to move, think of these pieces as unusually stylish rolling carts. If you’re not convinced of the versatility of a bar cart, read on for seven different ways to use these storage pieces on wheels.

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Bathroom Carts

Modern Style Rolling Bar Cart

A long soak is an everyday luxury — and having a beautiful spot to keep soft towels, salts and soaps, lotions, and other niceties (such as a fresh bouquet of flowers and your favorite scented candle) enhances the experience. If your bathroom isn’t quite big enough for a cart, use one as a vanity table in a bedroom to hold makeup, toiletries and a basket of towels.

Library Carts

Traditional Style Fretwork Bar Cart

Keeping your coffee table clear can be an issue if you love to keep an inspiring magazine and books nearby. Enter: a bar cart. This three-shelf version is the ideal size for holding a stack of magazines, books by your favorite authors or a collection of children’s books. Roll it from room to room and you’ll always have a favorite book in hand.

Plant Carts

Woodard Furniture Co. Outdoor Bar Cart

A collection of lush indoor plants makes a mood-boosting focal point, especially in the winter (or in the city, where “green” spaces require a short commute). Create a mobile garden by grouping together plants on the top level of a bar cart and use the lower levels for gardening supplies or a pretty watering can. Come spring, roll this baby outside and watch everything bloom.

Bedroom Carts

Bielecky Brothers Console On Castors

Rethink your nightstands and give them wheels. A spacious top level can easily hold a carafe, alarm clock and small bouquet (in addition to a lamp), while the lower level is ideal for your favorite reads. Find a cart with a drawer like this one and you’ll have a spot to hide moisturizer, lip balm and tissues.

Kitchen Carts

Haberli & Marchand SEC Trolley

If you’re serious about coffee (or tea), a dedicated cart can help clear up that much-needed counter space that your coffee maker(s) can take up. Keep your machine, French press, grinder or pour-over accessories on the top level, with mugs and accompaniments below. Use the drawers to store items like tea, sugar, napkins and spoons.

Family Room Carts

Louis XV Style Rolling Bar Cart

Like the magazine rack idea, using a bar cart as a side table can help expand your family room storage options. It’s an ingenious solution for families as well. Create themed carts like a board game cart, a “clean up your toys” cart, or even a place to keep projects like knitting needles and yarn. Accessorize the cart with storage bins or baskets to help keep clutter to a minimum.

Music Carts

Mid-Century Modern U-shaped Bar Cart

Record players have made a comeback, though they do present a storage issue. If you don’t want to clutter up your media cabinet, a bar cart makes a convenient station for keeping your record player (and vinyl collection) accessible.

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