Megan specializes in classic interiors infused with whimsy and elegance, often utilizing one-of-a-kind pieces. Her fresh approach combines beauty and comfort to create a home that reflects her clients’ needs and personalities.

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How did you discover your passion for design?
It was a natural evolution from my passion for the fashion industry. (If you really wanna know, it all started way back when with my passion for Barbie dolls!) On my 16th birthday, five minutes after I left the DMV with my driver’s license in hand, I drove straight to Wanamaker’s, a famous Philadelphia department store, and applied for a sales position. That became my side hustle through the remainder of my high school years and all through college at the University of Delaware. I majored in fashion merchandising, and after graduation, I ended up in the beauty industry and then stumbled into interior design during a renovation on my own home.

What is your favorite decorative object at home?
It’s a white ceramic sphere, approximately 18 inches in diameter, that has swimming fish carved into it. It sounds awful the way I am describing it, but my husband and I picked it up in a fabulous shop in Capri, Italy. When I saw it, I squealed and said, “OMG, it’s so Kelly!” The owner of the shop replied in his broken English, “Kelly Wearstler? Yes. She buys from me all the time!”

Is design an art or a science?
Both! I’d like to say more art than science, but I am constantly amazed at how both my left brain and right brain get equally taxed during the day. Sometimes it physically hurts to jump back and forth! It can take a lot of equations to make something beautiful!

Do you have any go-to color or pattern combinations?
I am known for coastal, so I would have to say blue, in any shade really. I love to say, “All blues play nice together!” My real go-to color, believe it or not, is crisp white!

When do you consider a completed project a success?
When the homeowner cries at the reveal!

Share your biggest design secret.
My biggest design secret? Oversize lighting! There is nothing worse than a wimpy light!

What is the most common design mistake you see?
Wimpy lighting!

How do you balance style, comfort and functionality?
With the products that are available today, you can have all three with ease!

Is there a specific item you typically use as a starting point? 
Anything that is near and dear to the client’s heart!

What do you think about Sotheby’s Home?
I love it!!! It’s super curated and has all the one-of-a-kind pieces!!

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