Foley&Cox was founded by Michael Cox and Mary Foley, combining an international breadth of expertise in designing furniture and interiors. Discover their custom, vintage, and antique items from their specialty line Foley&Cox Home.

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A comfortable, eclectic living room” is a staple of Foley & Cox. What makes “eclectic” a key characteristic?
Eclectic is another way to describe personal, thoughtful, and unique. We strive to create spaces filled with a purposefully collected mix of antique, vintage, and new creations. Layering client-owned treasures with pieces we’ve found and gathered evokes a sense of each client’s individuality and personality.

Tell us about your creative process.
Creativity comes every day and everywhere – especially when you have the good fortune of working in a design capital like Manhattan. We utilize our personal library of books on architecture, interior design, and art; we collaborate with our talented industry partners through an endless exchange of design ideas and inspirations; and yes, we occasionally look at Instagram and Pinterest.

What is your go-to source for inspiration?
Travel! The great Diana Vreeland documentary (The Eye Has to Travel) encapsulates the endless ideas that come from observing the beautiful world, rich cultures, and fantastic artistry that surround us. And the amazing achievements of celebrated and lesser known architectural, fashion, and interior design legends that precede us provide another well-spring of influence and inspiration.

You recently designed a beautiful outdoor vignette for Design on a Dime. Can you walk us through the design inspiration for this room?
Our vignette started with the folely&cox HOME woven outdoor collection, but mostly came from cabin fever induced by a long, northeastern winter!  The concept of a fun, bold green backdrop and everything floating on AstroTurf seemed whimsical and evocative of spring. Or was it just Kermit the Frog?

In addition to designing spaces for residential projects, your team works on yachts and private aircraft interiors. Are there any unique challenges to these projects?
Challenge = FAA. We had to push the envelope with materials beyond the “standard and pre-approved” for commercial applications to bring a residential tone to the spaces – luxurious, unexpected, and innovative.

What is your advice for someone looking to buy an investment piece?
If it’s love at first sight, an investment decision is simple. The heart always has to trump the balance sheet, and investing in art, antiques, or collectible craftsmanship will be the best investment in the quality of your daily life.

Do you find that it’s easiest to use the vintage piece as a jumping-off point for the room or vintage shop to fill specific holes in the space?
Vintage is the key to establishing foundation and authenticity. Nothing feels more soulless than a room filled with production pieces. Rather than filling holes, I’d describe them as cementing the gaps.

Do you have any tips for buying art for a home?
Again, love it first. Practically speaking, start by identifying key walls for art. Then prioritize. This will give direction and purpose to the art search. Then have fun! Do art strolls. Ask questions. Remember mixing mediums, styles, periods, and subjects makes for an interesting and diverse collection. Lastly, there is no deadline – leave room for the discoveries you’ll find along your journey of life.

What do you think of Sotheby’s Home?
It’s a tastefully curated and a trusted resource for the interior design industry for antique and vintage shopping – now an insider secret available to the world! Access to such a breadth of product categories organized with so many “search” options makes finding the unique a much faster prospect – and can be done in pajamas in bed.

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