Above interior by Max Humphrey

If you have flea market anxiety, we have just the thing for you: an easy and confident way to shop for vintage finds. All online and without the hassle.

Tip 1: Size matters
The biggest mistake people can make when buying online is to miscalculate how much space they have in the home. Get your tape out and measure before buying anything.
Tip 2: No questions unanswered

Don’t be afraid to ask for questions or request more images on a piece you see online, if you feel nervous about not seeing it in person. Our customer service team is always here to help.
Tip 3: Name-dropping
Don’t know where to start? Find one style or designer you like in a magazine, and use the name to fire up the online search for your vintage piece.
Tip 4: Think small
Start with one vintage purchase and build up from there; no need to start from zero and toss out what you have.
Featured above: Venini Nesting Bowls
Tip 5: No boundaries
Rather than being at the mercy of a flea market’s du jour assortment, buying vintage online allows you to go further and explore a wider variety of offerings from all over the world at different price points.
Tip 6: Damage control
Small marks and signs of wear and tear on vintage items are common, and the price reflects their condition. The good news is that most of it can be easily fixed, and you end up with a unique piece at a great price.
Above: For the 2017 San Francisco Decorator Showcase house, Amy Frederickson of Revitaliste collaborated with Chloe Warner of Redmond Aldrich Design to transform a mismatched set of 10 vintage Knoll dining chairs. Read more.
Tip 7: Form doesn’t follow function
Vintage buys can be lifetime purchases. And when you evolve, so do your surroundings: the side table can become a nightstand, and then a stand-in for a bar cart. Enlist Pinterest or Instagram for inspiration, and have fun with it!

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