Whether your home office is used for work or catching up on email, one thing’s true: décor makes a difference. A hodgepodge of furniture that was strictly chosen for utilitarian purposes doesn’t exactly invite creativity, productivity, or even relaxation (applicable if your home office is a convenient place to get a little alone time). The effect of a stylish desk, a well-designed chair, a few organized bookshelves, and carefully considered focal points goes beyond merely making a space look put-together. Such an environment actually makes you want to do that necessary paperwork.

If this year’s tax season has you noting the state of your home office, a few upgrades might be in order. Here are our favorite pieces for home offices currently available at Sotheby’s Home, along with suggestions on how to make it your own:

William Booth Three-Drawer Desk

How to style it: Contrast the sharp lines of this versatile desk with elements from the still-hot ’80s Art Deco revival trend. The muted shades of that color palette (muted aqua, shell pink, mauve) particularly work wonderfully with the white powder-coated finish of the metal desk.

Louis Philippe Ladies Writing Desk

How to style it: Originally purchased in Paris, this antique desk is traditional without being too fussy. It’s a beautiful anchor piece in a smaller-sized study filled with timeless décor that goes in a more casual direction. Think: blue-and-white ceramics, a sisal rug, or perhaps some newly rediscovered chintz.

Mauro Lipparini Desk Chair

How to style it: Though contemporary in design, this comfortable desk chair falls into the category of transitional. It’ll work with a number of décor styles, thanks to its sleek leather seat and legs that feel inspired by the Queen Anne style. Or, show it off with a minimalist desk (perhaps a wall-mounted “floating” style) and contrast the curves with angular task lighting.

Comerford Collection White Lacquer Bookshelf 

How to style it: White lacquered shelves give the eye a chance to rest in a home office that piles on Hollywood Regency opulence. Bring on luxurious textiles like silk taffeta drapes or velvet accent chairs, add a Chinoiserie desk, and place a few quirky vintage objets d’art on the shelves. The low cabinets can keep everyday items convenient without getting in the way of the whimsical vibe.

Mario Bargalia-Marco Colombo Dove Table Lamp

How to style it: This lamp is more functional sculpture than ordinary source of illumination. Place this atop a clean-lined desk in metal or wood, then introduce more “industrial” elements (like metal X-back bookshelves) throughout, and finish with a streamlined leather chair.

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