Between the minimalist lifestyle going mainstream and the way smartphones have evolved to do pretty much everything, you’d expect home trends to follow the whole less-is-more approach. While there’s always interest in the Marie Kondo method of decluttering and the restrained lines of mid-century-inspired furniture, an emerging trend of 2019 centers on a collection that is the focus of a space. We’re talking about the home library, a feature that might replace the guest room as the favored use of a spare room.

Home libraries offer a stylish place to relax with a good book, but they’re also a space that’s a joy to decorate. Since it is an occasional space, you can be a bit more uninhibited with color and pattern, and indulge in what you truly love without worrying about getting tired of seeing it constantly. (Miles Redd, who might rank as one of the modern masters of the home library, often enlivens the walls with a bold jewel tone.) Create your perfect space to unwind with these exquisite pieces perfect for home libraries, available now at Sotheby’s Home:

Brazil Baroque Library Cabinet

Why we love it: Eight shelves offer the perfect amount of space for a small library in this hand-painted storage cabinet. The glass-front doors keep your favorite reads in view while also protecting them from dust.

Mid-Century Modern Library Ladder

Why we love it: If you have the wall space (and the books) for full shelves, add a timeless touch with a classic library ladder. The spare design makes this accent equally at home in both vintage and contemporary settings.

Traditional Georgian Style Walnut Library Chairs 

Why we love them: Refined yet comfortable, these cotton-linen upholstered chairs create the perfect spot for settling in for a Saturday afternoon. The deep seats and angled back invite lounging.

Eclectic Amethyst Bookends 

Why we love them: Bookends aren’t just for steadying an artfully arranged shelf — they also draw the eye. Make an impact with these bookends carved from amethyst. The crystals form a bold, organic pattern.

Vintage Trompe L’Oeil Wood “Stacked Book” Side Table

Why we love it: Add a witty accent to the library with a side table made from artfully carved “books”. This one-of-a-kind design stands 16″ tall — the perfect height to support a cup of tea (or a cocktail).

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