March can often feel like a month of rain, wind, and (in far too many parts of the country) snow. That’s why we are extra appreciative that Mardi Gras falls on March 5 this year. The holiday is about indulging in fun and excess—but why not take the approach to our homes? After the inevitable KonMari-ing we all did to kick off the year in January and February, bringing a little bit of opulence through the maximalist approach to décor might be just what you need to truly spark joy in your interior.

Maximalism is not necessarily about piling on much too much. Instead, it’s about layering your space with a thoughtfully chosen, eclectic mix of patterns and textures. Decorative objects are specifically selected for their history and soul, keeping the look from feeling random and cluttered. Think of the Kelly Wearstler mode of décor: it’s  chaotic, but chic and curated. To see it in practice, check out Glin Castle in Ireland, where you’ll find rooms that balance color, history, and a modern sensibility. The result? Timeless.

If you’re looking for a few maximalist starting points for your interiors, shop these over-the-top statement pieces currently for sale at Sotheby’s Home:

Mary McDonald Maison Chair

Why we love it: Maximalism doesn’t have to be about bold colors. Instead, let texture bring that unexpected element, like in this velvet-upholstered chair. The subtle floral pattern makes it simple to mix-and-match motifs as well.

Louis XV Style Mirror

Why we love it: With its emphasis on ornamentation, Louis XV-style furniture is a natural choice for a maximalist interior. The ornately carved details and gilt finish of this mirror catch the eye — and hold your attention.

Niermann Weeks Paris Oval Sconces

Why we love them: Recalling the artfully distressed mirrors often found in Parisian cafés and bistros, these elegant sconces make an unforgettable first impression.

Arthur Court Lily Form Side Table


Why we love it: Side tables are often more focused on function than form, due to the fact that they are often obscured by sofas or other pieces of furniture. But with its sculptural base, this fanciful vintage table more than deserves the spotlight.

Eclectic Collection of Obelisks

Why we love them: For those a little too impatient to amass a collection, this set of assorted obelisks has been curated just for you. Place them throughout a room, on a mantel, a bookshelf, or anywhere that can use a little more character.

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