Garance Doré sought to fill her airy, light-filled Los Angeles abode in a style that married her Corsican roots with her signature urban élan, and enlisted Sotheby’s Home along with designer Sarah Sherman Samuel. Samuel, like Doré, started out by taking her formal fine arts training to the Internet, and turned an online outpost into a powerhouse studio that offers “surface, spatial and social design” as well as an interiors line. Renowned for both her West Coast verve and expertise in all forms of media (including social), there couldn’t have been a more fit collaborator for Doré.

Working with Samuel, she devised a look best described as “vanguard beach.” It’s a vision that came to life starting with clean lines enlivened by textured surfaces. Dusky pastels and rich neutrals for color. And patterns and treatments made for both living and displaying — on Instagram, naturally, given Doré’s other roots as a digital-bred tastemaker.

Tour more of Garance’s California cool home in her Domino mag profile. All interior photography by Jason Frank Rothenberg.

The lifestyle maven combed all corners of Sotheby’s Home for key pieces that fused the breeziness of the Mediterranean with a warm modernism. Here is how she built a collection from among our selections.

Statement Seating

Raoul Swivel Chair from Shine by S.H.O
Doré’s finds began with this distinctive swivel club chair, which is upholstered in a beguiling nutmeg velvet and rests on a brushed brass plinth base. The chair, from Shine by S.H.O, pulls through owner-designer Susan Hornbeak-Ortiz’s twin influences: extensive world travel and native Californian. Texture and richness that’s inviting and striking at once.

Period Accents

When it comes to bringing the outdoors inside, rattan is a hallmark material that provides an earthy and organic feel and recalls the very best of a warm, bohemian décor.

A vintage Albini Style Rattan Ottoman
Doré’s particular rattan ottoman is a Sotheby’s Home vintage find and a perfect example of how the depth and soul of a previous era can add meaningful dimension to any interior theme.  

A Cornerstone

There are singular, proverbial pieces from which a look can fan out and take shape. The legs of this Roche Bobois cocktail table are, literally and figuratively, the central fan from which a seating area in Doré’s living room comes to life. Created by designer Alessandro Busana, the “Iride” table has a sculptural, hand-painted metal foundation that was artfully bent to both support the round glass top and catch the eye.

Iride Cocktail Table designed by Alessandro Busana for Roche Bobois

The table is the ideal two-for-one: real-world function and unforgettable character. The studio’s Paris-based tradition is also a nod to a contemporary French aesthetic, not unlike Doré herself. 

It’s worth stopping here to acknowledge Doré’s remarkable trajectory. Beginning as an illustrator with a cult blog, she was first courted for partnerships by Dior and Louis Vuitton, among others. Her repertoire then expanded to photography — and in doing so, she became a chief architect of the movement that rendered street style photography a high art. Crowned by The New York Times as “the guardian of all style,” the cumulative high demand for her unerring eye and bald wit forged the launch of DORÉ, the eponymous online hub for all things Garance. Honest, well-edited, funny, full of discovery and brimming with delights — again, not unlike its founder. Inspiration winds like a river throughout DORÉ, whether it’s Garance’s own unabashed journal entries or a tutorial on how to “get lost” within a city for a truly personal odyssey. As beautifully constructed as the online atelier is, though, it’s also fueled by a contagious desire to just do, which elevates the content from a vehicle through which to preen and into something more purposeful and service driven. Which leads us to…

Tasteful Simplicity

Similar to Doré, Jonathan Adler transformed a personal passion for design into a thriving creative wellspring, arguably leading the way for today’s multihyphenate creatives. So it’s fitting that Doré’s final pick is an Adler Cube Bench done up in a “Mod Dot” motif. Deceptively low-key, the bench features the same clean yet textured lines to which Doré has gravitated for her furnishings.

Jonathan Adler Mod Dot Cube Bench

How the piece levels up as something more than utilitarian is its fabric, which gives off an almost iridescent sheen that takes us back to Doré’s desire to amplify and glory in the space’s natural light.


For more of Garance Doré’s inimitable taste, we invite you to “get lost” in the aesthete’s playground that is her site,

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