Cathy Poshusta of The Grit and Polish was in the process of redoing her farmhouse master bedroom, and came to us to get a few key pieces. Read more to see how she styled her botanical prints and wood grain box from Sotheby’s Home.

How did you first become interested in renovating homes?
I grew up in a 1910 home and have always loved old architecture. So when it came time to buy our first house, I convinced my husband that we should look for an old fixer-upper. The moment I walked through the doors of our first home and saw the sunlight shining through the original windows, I knew I could spend years happily working on that house. And that’s just what we did.

How would you describe your design style?
Oh this is a tough question! I find myself attracted to a lot of styles, but in general I’d describe my own style as light and bright, historical, welcoming, and practical.

Where do you turn to for design inspiration?
I seek inspiration from old buildings, places we travel to, commercial interiors, and of course Pinterest and Instagram.

How are you currently mixing design styles in your homes?
We definitely have a mix of styles at our farmhouse, but I aim for balance. In every room I try to have one modern and one vintage piece to make sure the house feels historic and relevant, if that makes sense. I also try to pair vintage wood pieces with white walls and soft textiles. Balance is definitely key.

What qualities do you look for when choosing vintage furniture and accessories?
I look for well-built pieces that have simple lines and a good patina. But most of all, I look for pieces that I am drawn to and really love. I find myself buying a lot of vintage art these days and have definitely jumped on the vintage rug bandwagon.

Can you share any do’s or don’ts of decorating that you live by?
One rule I adhere to is invest in well-made, classic pieces for things that are permanent in a home. And if you want to play around with trends or alternative styles, accessories are the place to do that. Above all, I think decorating should be fun. It’s about creating a space you love and can really live in. And it takes time. If decorating becomes a chore or you feel overwhelmed with it, take a break. Read a book. Go on a road trip. Try again. Take your time and build a home you love.

What are some of your tips for incorporating various design styles in a space/mixing old with new?
I think balance is key when mixing styles. In my daughter’s nursery, we have a vintage cane bed that’s historic and traditional, so I paired it with white linens to bring in a little nod to our country setting, a graphic, whimsical wallpaper to add in some playfulness, and a Moroccan rug for a modern touch. I also like to pair a modern sofa with a vintage rug; a vintage table and new chairs; a modern light with historic photographs, etc., etc. I think mixing styles is about how a space feels, so if it isn’t working, try again.

Can you share details on why you chose the following Sotheby’s Home products for your home? What made you interested in these specific pieces, and how do you plan to style these pieces in your home?

I love botanical prints because they bring in greenery and life to a space, and bonus, you can’t kill them. These prints will be perfect for our master bedroom. I also selected the American wood grain box because of its amazing patina and heirloom quality. The dark wood tone will fit in perfectly with the original wood molding in our 1912 farmhouse.

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