It’s a truth universally acknowledged that Jane Austen was one of the masters of romantic comedy, centuries before the phrase existed. Her novels read just as fresh as they did back in the 19th century — and the movies they inspired help prove that. (Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy, anyone?)

But in addition to Austen’s ability to create characters that resonate over 200 years later, one of the other reasons why her novels continue to inspire have a little bit to do with the Regency-era settings in which the plots unfold. A period defined by elegance and restraint, furniture and architecture of the time proved the appeal of “less is more”. Nodding to some Neoclassical influences like the emphasis on simple forms (without the overt ornamentation), and often alluding to the Egyptian furniture craze that hit the early part of the 19th century, the Regency style is one of the most timeless periods in design history.

We’re paying homage to the sophistication of the time of the Bennet sisters, Emma Woodhouse, and Fanny Price with a round-up of our favorite Regency-inspired pieces currently for sale at Sotheby’s Home.

Regency Mahogany Dressing Table Mirror

This Regency-style mirror is worthy of an Austen heroine. Place atop a vanity or desk to create a lovely spot to start your day.

Regency Style Walnut Writing Desk

Compose your next masterpiece (even if it’s just a quick thank-you note) on a thoughtfully designed desk. It has four petite drawers that can hold stationery, a long drawer that could fit a tablet, and a sliding faux green leather surface that is just the right size for writing (or typing).

Traditional Regency Style Four-Drawer Console Table

Sleek and slim, this flame walnut and yew burl veneered console table is ideal for an entryway, paired with a large piece of art. Or, use it behind the sofa or as an accent in a hallway.

Regency Style Display Cabinet with Doors

Old meets new in this exquisite display piece. Made from rich mahogany and featuring era-inspired accents, the interior also features low-energy LED lighting for lasting illumination.

Regency Style Round Pedestal Side Tables

A slender pedestal base gracefully elevates a round top with subtle inlaid ebony stars in these late-20th-century side tables. Place each on the side of a sofa for an elegantly balanced look.

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