Your bedroom is the first thing you see in the morning—and what you see around you can have a big impact on the day you have. If your space is cluttered and chaotic with furniture that never quite worked together (or conversely, lacks the creature comforts that great art and accessories can give), chances are that you’ll end up starting the day on the wrong foot. It’s time for a change to turn your bedroom into an escape, not an afterthought. From furniture to décor, here are a few quick designer tips for a space you’ll love.

Streamline your bed

One to try: Alain Van Havre Air Bed

For instant calm, opt for a minimalist-style bed that doesn’t overpower the room. Keep the layers light instead of piling on blankets, comforters, and decorative pillows.

Incorporate a bench

One to try: Designe Gallerie Mongolian Fur Bench

This piece offers a place to sit as you decide on outfits, but can also be a great place to put extra (folded) blankets for those nights when you need extra warmth.

Try a chandelier

One to try: Waterworks Montecito Ceiling Mounted Chandelier in Unlacquered Brass

Instead of relying on a glaring overhead light that hasn’t been changed since you moved into your place, consider a pendant or chandelier that you’d choose for one of your “public” rooms (living or dining room).

Refresh your nightstand lighting

One to try: Mr. Brown London Rocca Table Lamp

An overhead light shouldn’t be the only source of illumination. Your nightstand lamps should have a soothing glow that is somewhere between “task” light and “mood” light. A taller lamp — one that has a shade that stands slightly above the top of your headboard — is also ideal if you frequently read in bed.

Incorporate art you love

One to try: William Tillyer Series of 9: The Blue Vase

Bare walls can make a room feel a bit cold — instead, use that clear wall space to your advantage as a place to hang a piece you love to look at. Make your choice strategically, with a lovely scene you won’t mind waking up to every day (or it being the last thing you see at night). A still life or landscape would be the perfect choice.

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