One of our favorite influencers, Madelynn Furlong, shares with us her style secrets and what she loves about this set of vintage lamps she got from Sotheby’s Home.

How did you first become interested in interior design?
It was a natural transition for me from fashion. I’ve always been very into curating my surroundings, so once I got my first place, my obsession with interiors and design only deepened.

Where do you turn to for design inspiration?
Often Pinterest, art books, and moviesI love set design!

How are you currently mixing design styles in your home?
My home is a little bit of everything. Parisian in its bones, with a bit of Scandi design, and loads of vintage Italian pieces.

What qualities do you look for when choosing vintage furniture and accessories?
Love at first sight 😉

Can you share any do’s or don’ts of decorating that you live by?
Do think on a piece if you aren’t sure. Do take your time to find the perfect pieces. And of course don’t be afraid to try anything!

What are some of your tips for incorporating various design styles in a space/mixing old with new?
Keeping things in a similar color palette does the trick for me. I feel like as long as I choose a majority of neutral pieces, it doesn’t matter what decade they come from.

Can you share details on why you chose the following Sotheby’s Home products for your home? What made you interested in this specific set, and how do you plan to style them in your home?
I have literally been eyeing these lamps for a few years now, and am so excited to own them! I love how much of a statement they are, and love that they are originally by a female furniture designerso cool!

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