How do the pros make curating art, selecting frames, measuring, and hammering look so effortless? We asked founder of Mason Lane, Katharine Earnhardt, to share some of her favorite tips on how to feel confident on mixing and matching art.

We hung over 500 frames last year for gallery walls in apartments, homes, stairwells, and bathrooms, and we’re ready to do it again! Because what better way to both celebrate family and love your space than with a display on your wall that showcases who and what you love? And while I wouldn’t market any kind of gallery wall as being DIY (that’s false advertising — get professional help), I’ve seen that people find the art gallery walls even tougher than the photo ones. Maybe this is because people are consistently not confident mixing and matching art. Plus, the Pinterest-perfect iterations are actually discouraging. But GUESS WHAT? Rather than focusing on how to carve 12 hours out of your Saturday to poke holes in your wall, I’m feeding you some awesome art combos AND sharing why they’re great. You can take the recommendations, as is, or use the logic to make your own combos.

Tip 1: Pick pieces that use similar color palettes in different ways.

Featured above: Richard Smith Edward Gordon Craig IYaacov Agam Hors AlbumWayne Dean Hermosillo CathedralRoland Fischer Facades On Paper IVJoseph Tilson Geometry

Tip 2: Balance the busier compositions with more simplistic ones. Disperse each type evenly around the wall.

Featured above: Contemporary TwilightBarry Bridgwood 3 ShrubsContemporary Cosmos

Tip 3: Incorporate vertical and horizontal pieces, both in various sizes. The largest pieces can go in the center area of the gallery wall.

Featured above: Deziree Native Namaqua PaintingContemporary Retro Panel Blue VDavid Slivka Untitled #26Judith Hopf A Sudden Walk 119th Century The Ladies Flower Garden Of Ornamental Perennials

Tip 4: Take it all to the framer; new custom frames and high-quality glass make old prints feel fresh. The frames shouldn’t all match, but you don’t need a different kind of frame on each piece either. Choose 3-5 that you like, and stick with those on your wall.

About Katharine:
Katharine Earnhardt founded Mason Lane in 2014 as a way to help clients style walls with art and more. She has a background in art and business, a love for design, and a solid track record for understanding client taste. Through experiences at institutions like MoMA and Christie’s, among others, she learned that being creative, practical, and transparent go a long way. The education she gained from these career steps—including networking with museum trustees, flying to international art fairs, and overseeing business development efforts in other countries—complemented her art history and economics studies at Williams College, and her Art Business Masters from Sotheby’s Institute. She considers herself so lucky to put it all together in one package, leading a team that creates balanced, complete, and totally personalized spaces. Follow @masonlane_art for tips, tricks, and pretty pics.

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