Scrolling through Brunch on Chestnut is part of our Sunday routine. Ashley Kane’s blog is chock full of inspiration on all things design, travel, style, and entertaining, and the same goes for her San Francisco apartment. Awash in creams and neutrals, with romantic and eclectic details sprinkled throughout, it’s the epitome of California cool. Check out the space and see how she incorporated her newly acquired Sotheby’s Home pieces in the mix.


How did you first become interested in interior design?
Growing up, my best friend’s mom was an interior designer, and their house was incredibly inspiring. My parents kept things neutral, simple, and cozy at our house, but whenever I would go over to my friend’s, I admired and appreciated all of the details, vintage furniture, and rich-hued rugs. I remember rearranging my room on a weekly basis, starting in elementary school. It became my thing, and it’s something I still do to this day.

Where do you turn to for design inspiration?
So many things! I could list endlessly, but top of mind: coffee table books, Tumblr (favorite), Pinterest, home shops, magazine, and sets on movies/TV shows. Inspiration is everywhere.

How are you currently mixing design styles in your home?
I’d say I mix Scandinavian neutral tones and clean lines with European charm and character. My style (in terms of collections out on display, greenery, and color pops) is also is very Californian.

What qualities do you look for when choosing vintage furniture and accessories?
Details. I love classics with a twist, beautiful burlwood, brass. Rich and decadent vintage rugs. I have a small apartment in San Francisco, and we’ve slowly been swapping out less-loved items for carefully curated pieces we know will stand the test of time with our style and homes down the road.

Can you share any do’s or don’ts of decorating that you live by?
Definitely love a home that feels lived-in and tells a story. Lots to look at and take in. Also, people always ask me how I create a cozy and warm ambiance, and I tell them the more lamps the merrier. I have three in our small living room. I prefer them over ceiling lights in the evening. It creates such a comforting and home-y setting. In terms of “don’ts”, I believe it’s all trial and error, and there are no rules to creating a home that makes you happy.

What are some of your tips for incorporating various design styles in a space/ mixing old with new?
Start slowly and build. I have learned that the best way to decorate is to build a room around your absolute favorite piece and accumulate over time. Invest in thoughtful things that can be reinvented and reimagined in new ways, in different rooms, too!

Mixing old with new is a definite “do” for me! it’s all about balance.

Can you share details on why you chose the following Sotheby’s Home products for your home? How did you choose to style these pieces?

The style of this alabaster lamp is something I have been eyeing for a long time — such a timeless vintage piece that I know I will hang onto forever.

So into curved benches and the color of this wood and carved details. I noticed from my Interior Design Pinterest board that I was gravitating to benches and stools and how they make such beautiful vignettes under windows, consoles, etc.


I fell in love with these at first sight. The patina wood won me over, and as I mentioned with the bench, these are exactly what I had been looking for. Little stools are so versatile and can be styled in so many ways. I’ve had them for a few weeks, and they have already moved several times around our apartment. Love them!

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