The change in year always inspires a need to clear up our living spaces, and what better way to clean up than by consigning your furniture? Whether you’re looking to say goodbye to larger pieces that are getting in the way of your project, or have already finished decluttering and now have a number of items you no longer love, our team makes selling your furniture, art, and accessories just about as easy as making an appointment.

Consignment is a way of recouping your investment

Join the circular economy. By consigning furniture, you recoup your original investment and open up possibilities for new finds and acquisitions.

Consignment is a way to free up space

We get it. Sometimes we just want to wave a magic wand and have double our square footage. Although we are no magicians, when it comes to saying goodbye to furniture, we do all the heavy lifting: listing, storing, shipping, and payment. It’s what we do every day.

Consignment gives the environment a chance

Buying pre-owned furniture is a natural (though not immediately obvious) way to go green, as you’re giving new life to something that’s already been created, whether 50 or 300 years ago.

Consignment extends the life of great design

Here’s to new beginnings. Greet the new year by taking a hard look at those pieces you once loved but can’t seem to fit in your home or style anymore. No reason to feel bad about it. We will find the perfect home for your treasured furniture and art – you just relax and see the offers roll in.

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