Event planner extraordinaire David Monn has been crafting celebrations for decades, counting the Guggenheim and the New York Public Library among his impressive roster of clients. From fabulous functions to gorgeous galas, he’s the man behind the exquisitely detailed and elaborately designed tablescapes that leave guests in awe. Take a cue from one of Monn’s most lavish events, a Venetian birthday party, and shop the dining pieces to design your own palatial affair.

How did you discover your passion for design?
It was in a store in Pennsylvania, called Palmer’s, and there my grandmother gave me my first Architectural Digest magazine.

What is your favorite decorative object at home?
My black porcelain climates by Vladimir Kanevsky.

When do you consider a completed project a success?
Watching the client enter the room and seeing the look on their face as they experience the transformation of the venue for the first time. Also, when the guests have fully embraced the experience.

Share your biggest design secret.
One word: Scale

How do you balance style, comfort, and functionality?
Making sure everything has a purpose, which creates balance.

What do you love about Sotheby’s Home?
The sense of style and elegance that is always refined and inspiring.

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