As the temperature drops, there’s a crisp feel in the air. Bring the mood of autumn indoors by easily creating a cozy interior with rich textures like soft leather and suede, plush velvet, and warm tweed. These fall textures have a big impact, add dimension, and make a room more interesting. Switch up your seasonal décor and have some fun with these uniquely fall textures.


Floral patterns are so versatile. They literally go with everything! Oversized floral prints are more modern than their small-scale counterparts, and this pattern is absolute perfection. Darker hues and the hand-carved shape of this Schumacher side chair are flawless for your fall look.


When you think of a leather sofa, your mind probably paints a picture of overstuffed, bulky, and old-fashioned furniture. There’s no rule saying that leather can’t be light and modern, and this sculptural sofa is living proof. Get all the benefits of leather texture and cognac coloring (both perfect for the season!) without any of the expected heaviness.

Tweed & Herringbone

Set on wheels, this side table is both literally and figuratively adaptable to any space. Herringbone is, especially on tweed, typically shown on a small scale. Blowing up the pattern freshens it up and makes you really appreciate the unique and distinct texture. Plus, the intentional weathered frame adds extra layers of textural impact.


Scandinavian is synonymous with cold-weather decorating. Nordic winters are long, dark, and depressing, but they’re balanced with cozy, airy rooms highlighting natural wooden textures. Their aesthetic is defined by functional minimalism, which is embodied by this teak and pine pendant light.


Suede is such a soft and fine texture, making it perfect for cozying up as the weather takes a turn. And there’s no better place to get comfy than on this plush armchair. The gray upholstery and espresso legs exude sophistication, while the subtle suede texture and inviting shape balance it for everyday use.


Even though it’s one of fall’s most popular textiles, velvet can still feel heavy and dated. To keep rooms modern and light, add small elements of velvet. Pillows are an effortless solution to add color and texture that will change the look of a room. We love that this Bettertex piece also comes with a metallic finish, doubling down on its modern appeal.

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