It’s official! Welcome to Sotheby’s Home. We’ll always have the heart and soul of the Viyet that you love, but we’re adding Sotheby’s incredible history, scope, and expertise to the mix. We’ve changed our name to cement the connection that was formed when Sotheby’s acquired Viyet in February. The marriage has already proved to be auspicious, with many more visitors now accessing our exceptional online consignment marketplace specializing in furniture, lighting, and accessories.

So, we’re still in the business of making design dreams come true with vintage finds, gems from top designer brands, and antique treasures, we’re just doing it under the auspices of a historic and yet progressive leader in the auction and design space.

As Tad Smith, Sotheby’s CEO, says: “Alongside Sotheby’s current online auction and retail platforms, Sotheby’s Home is another way we are uniting superior technology with wonderful objects to serve our clients of today and tomorrow.”

Elizabeth Brown, CEO of Viyet, who has overseen the integration into Sotheby’s over the past six months, and today assumes the role of CEO of Sotheby’s Home, answers all your questions:

So, why the name change?
For us, it was a natural evolution of the Viyet brand. There is a benefit from a closer association with Sotheby’s in terms of awareness and trust. We chose Sotheby’s Home, well, because everything starts at home. It’s simple and intuitive, accessible and approachable.

What can we expect? What will be new?
Built upon Viyet’s pre-existing business model, Sotheby’s Home will feature a greatly expanded library of offerings for home décor needs, with an increased investment in newly launched categories including prints, photography, and contemporary art.

ROCHE BOBOIS Maison Lacroix Ottoman and ANTIQUE 19th Century French Gilt Bronze And Marble Mantel Clock

What differentiates Sotheby’s Home from other online design marketplaces?
Sotheby’s Home is the only e-commerce platform that offers a curated collection of the best of everything, from showroom and gallery pieces, to private consignments across antique, vintage, and contemporary design. We offer 24/7 access to unique pieces that previously would not be available online.

Seems like online furniture marketplaces are getting a lot of attention. Why do you think shopping this way is so appealing?
The traditional way of buying furniture by visiting a showroom and waiting weeks for pieces to arrive has remained relatively the same for decades, but this is rapidly changing. Now, people are looking online to purchase furniture, and Sotheby’s Home introduces one-of-a-kind pieces to an online audience for the first time, at great prices, and without the four- to six-month wait that is typical for furniture of this quality.

What kind of audience is Sotheby’s Home reaching for?
I think the idea of being able to get beautiful things at a great price is universally appealing, and consigning furniture and décor pieces keeps great design in circulation and supports the sustainability movement by saving valuable resources.

CAPPELLINI Acrylic Resin Rainbow Chair, BITOSSI Striped Ceramic Vase, ALEXANDER CALDER Galerie Maeght Poster


How is buying and selling used furniture different than fashion consignment?
In some ways, furniture fits the consignment mold even better than fashion, as high-end design and antiques are not as driven by fads and maintain their value for decades, if not centuries. These pieces often have a lot of useful life left in them, so it makes sense that you should receive something in return for your investment. There’s also an emotional component, you’ve lived with a piece and you’ve really loved it. You know it should find a home with someone who will love it just as much.


  • Posted October 10, 2018
    by Cindy Sharp

    Thinking outside the box! I love this idea!!

  • Posted October 16, 2018
    by Susan Martin

    Wow…looks quite exciting !!!

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