There’s an energetic buzz that follows LA-based designer Ryan Saghian. Bringing fresh, youthful perspectives to his furniture brand, J. Alexander, Ryan delivers a refreshing aesthetic. Shop pieces from Ryan’s collection, now available on Viyet!

How did you get your start in design?
When I was 15, I started interning for my favorite design firm in LA. I was there for a total of five years, throughout all of college, and worked my way up to becoming a design assistant! I launched my own firm when I was 21.

What is your favorite decorative object at home?
My faceted black and white marble sculpture that anchors my coffee table. It is everything to me!

Is there a specific item you typically use as a starting point?
It’s pretty crazy but, no! I choose a palette but never start with a specific piece.

What advice do you give people furnishing their first home, what are pieces you’d recommend investing in?
I say ALWAYS invest in art, it’s like dressing up. You can wear all mass-produced fashion, but still add so much to your outfit with a designer bag or fine jewelry.

Where are some of your favorite places to go for design inspiration?
The European trade shows like Salone and Maison. They are LIFE.

Who were some early influences on your sense of style?
Dorothy Draper, Woodson & Rummerfield’s, Kelly Wearstler

Do you have a favorite period or style?
Hollywood’s Golden Age

How has your taste in décor evolved over the years?
I have gotten more contemporary and more refined. The more you educate your eye while being in the industry, the more your style evolves.

Can you share any do’s or don’ts of decorating that you live by?
DO NOT cheap out. It’s like Miles Redd once said, “Buy the best, and you’ll only cry once.”

What are some of your tips for incorporating various design styles in a space/mixing old with new?
As long as they are complementary of one another, you can’t go wrong. I LOVE to mix, and when it’s an appropriate amount of juxtaposition, it’s perfection!

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