Though we still have a few weeks left of summer (officially), we’re already starting to gravitate towards the hues of autumn. Specifically, the stunning color red pear. A little bolder than crimson but also a little less intense than burgundy, red pear’s blue undertones allow it to bridge the gap between seasons. Use it as an accent to draw attention to a bigger piece, or integrate it throughout to bring an unmistakable energy to a room. Ready to try out this spicy hue? Here are our favorite furniture and accessories in red pear.

The Lacquer Company Righe Lacquered Tray

Why we love it: The shiny lacquer finish of this tray intensifies the hue to create a surprising focal point.

Vintage Mid-Century Italian Mohair Lounge Chair

Why we love it: Like most mid-century chairs, this accent seat has a clean-lined silhouette and angled legs. However, the curved arms and the bold red pear mohair upholstery add a dash of the unexpected to a classic look.

Carter McQueen Dining Chairs, Set of 4

Why we love them: Minimal lines allow this set of dining chairs to complement both antique and modern tables. The red pear upholstery gives the chairs a bold presence while still complementing deeper wood finishes.

Eastern Accents Bach Rubiat Pillow

Why we love it: If you’re not quite ready to commit to a red pear sofa, a few throw pillows will still get you in on the look. You’d be surprised at just how the intense color of this plush pillow can update even the most familiar sofa.

Bolier & Company Art Deco Style Dresser

Why we love it: A dash of red pear goes very far – and this elegant dresser serves as stylish proof. It’s also a study of subtle contrast: The red pear accent harmonizes with the warm undertones of the wood, while also standing out just enough to emphasize the sleek lines of the design.

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