Though it’s a space that sets the tone for your entire stay, the lobby can be an unappreciated element of a hotel. But design has a way of making this entrance space into something unforgettable. Need proof? Look to these six stylish lobbies from hotels around the world.

The Waldorf-Astoria, Beverly Hills, California

Why we love it: With interiors by French designer Pierre-Yves Rochon, the lobby at The Waldorf-Astoria Beverly Hills sets a new standard for opulence. Though undoubtedly luxurious — the double-height lobby is detailed with 22-carat gold leaf, Italian marble, and Lalique crystal — the effect isn’t “showy”.

Shangri-La, Colombo, Sri Lanka

Why we love it: A table of lush, tropical plants greets you in this exotic lobby, which has an airy feel that comes through the ivory color palette and treillage panels that line the main hall. However, the real centerpiece of the lobby is the stunning lotus-like chandelier that shimmers overhead.

The Setai, Miami, Florida

Why we love it: Miami interiors tend to go two ways — extremely sleek or very over-the-top. The Setai represents a different stylistic point of view, where the entry into one’s hotel offers a more relaxing experience. A restful palette of muted browns, low lighting, and clean-lined furniture creates a low-key atmosphere.

The Warehouse Hotel, Singapore

Why we love it: A modern sensibility meets history in this open lobby. As the name suggests, this boutique hotel was once a warehouse (built in 1895). You can see glimpses of the past through the exposed brick walls and beams, but the low-slung leather furniture keeps the look from skewing too industrial.

The Hotel Californian, Santa Barbara, California

Why we love it: Not all lobbies have to have a grand scale to impress. Case in point: The jewel-box-like lobby of The Hotel Californian, a space rich in Spanish Mission and Moorish details that allude to those found throughout the boutique hotel.

The Whitby, New York, New York

Why we love it: Like The Hotel Californian, The Whitby lobby (and drawing room) packs quite a bit of personality in a small space. In this case, the look trends towards a modern interpretation of the traditional look. Think: Mix-and-match upholstered pieces, a striking patterned wallpaper, grand drapes, and an 18th-century-style Greek marble fireplace.

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