The end of summer is here. Saying goodbye to long, sun-soaked days may be bittersweet — but there’s no better way to bid adieu than by revitalizing your décor to welcome in the new season. Visualizing your space and developing an intention for your interior is the perfect way to set the right tone for fall. Here are our tips for easing out of the hot temperatures and readying your space for the harvest months.

Find the light

As the days get shorter, make the most of your days with a statement mirror to bring more natural light into your space. Hang a traditional piece like the Large Sculptural Walnut Mirror to help ground the space, or set a modern style like the Danish Teak Mirror against a wall for a chic, nonchalant feel.

Break up your bookshelf

Bring a bit of play into the study with an inventive arrangement for your books. Divide sections with favored trinkets and objet d’art, mix stacks of horizontal volumes with neat rows and allow your bookshelf to be the focal point of the room. The Derek Mirrored Étagère by Bradley USA makes the art of arrangement easy, thanks to a unique stepped design.

Organic shapes and natural objects like this Petrified Wood Specimen help bring balance to angular shelving.

Bring the outside in

Celebrate the season of renewal with décor that evokes the beauty of the natural world. Try showcasing a delicate vine motif with an area rug or soften a modern aesthetic with a cozy, made-for-snuggling sheepskin, as seen in the Carrie Sheepskin Side Chair.

If you prefer a more pared-down approach to fall décor, gleaming wood with a prominent grain is a natural choice. The organic beauty of the Living Edge Wood Coffee Table and the sleek design of the Walnut Tambour Door Coffee Table are two very different yet equally striking treatments.

Whatever your aesthetic, there’s no better way to embrace the change of season than with an interior refresh.

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