Whether you are trying to figure out how to decorate a small room without a cluttered look, or just want to create an open and airy feeling in your living space, the answer is the same: Glass. Specifically, glass furniture. Clear and unobtrusive, incorporating glass elements within a room reduces visual clutter and preserves sight lines. You don’t need to go with a full ’80s look (with glass furniture, glass blocks, and a few acrylic pieces for good measure) to achieve this effect. Instead, just one special piece can have a powerful presence — like any of these five glass designs currently for sale at Viyet:

Pace Collection Aluminum and Glass Coffee Table

The most common place to incorporate glass in décor is in the form of a table. It’s a piece that’ll make the biggest difference in terms of preserving sight lines, drawing the eye to a great sofa (or in the case of a glass dining room table, dining chairs). Though this striking glass-and-aluminum table was first handcrafted during the 1970s, it has a timeless look that makes it a stylish addition to contemporary interiors.

Shine by Pasargad Glass and Steel Magazine Holder

Accessories can often make a room look cluttered — especially when there are a number of competing colors and textures. Instead, replace some of the bigger accessories with those made of glass, like this stylish magazine holder.

Daum Petite Étangeté Contre Un Mur Vaset

The same benefits of selecting glass furniture and accessories also can be found in art. This contemporary work is designed to lean against a wall, making a surprisingly strong impression without distracting from other works.

William H. Jackson Co. Modern Single-Panel Glass Fireplace Screen

A glass fireplace screen has a similar presence to the above piece of art. Though virtually invisible, you still notice the screen’s form. It also beautifully frames a roaring fire (when it’s cool enough to use your fireplace again, that is).

Baccarat Vintage Heavy Cut Crystal Octagonal Vase

Glass also allows you to make a statement by emphasizing other elements of a design or accessory that wouldn’t have been as noticeable in another material. This stunning vintage vase has thick, faceted walls that reflect and refract light to create a sparkling effect.

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