No matter the size, a living area with an open floor plan presents the same challenge: How to arrange furniture without making the space feel empty (or, conversely, too crowded).

The key is to think of the open concept the same way you would an apartment or home with separate living and dining rooms. A living room has elements like sofas and accent chairs arranged in a conversational grouping, and a dining room has the expected table-and-chair setup. Instead of walls separating these spaces, you’ll incorporate a piece that has a more transitional feel.

To break it down further, we’re taking a look at this open loft by Jenny Wolf Interiors, which is the perfect case study in how to arrange furniture in an open floor plan. Designing your own space? Read on for our picks for open-floor-plan-friendly furniture currently available at Viyet.

Anchor the “living room” with a conversation grouping.

SIGURD RESELL 1970s Falcon Leather And Chrome Lounge Chair And Ottoman

This loft shows a simple arrangement that’s easy to replicate. First, designate a focal point. For this space, it was the TV. Arrange your sofa to be parallel to the focal point, with your accent chairs perpendicular to the focal point. The chairs can be repositioned to face the focal point when needed, or moved aside when you need extra space.

Incorporate a bench into your furniture arrangement.

ANTIQUE Oak Trestle Bench

In an open floor plan, you have the space to add extra pieces of furniture that have a more occasional use. This bench could be used as seating for a cocktail party, or can hold a few decorative baskets for storage purposes.

Add “transitional” elements that fill in open space.

DESIGNLUSH Trevisina Bookcase

One of the reasons why an open floor plan can often feel a little awkward or unfinished is because of empty space. Here, a large bookcase fills in open wall space, and the lounge chair and ottoman combo creates a barrier between the living room and dining areas.

Arrange your dining room furniture parallel to the kitchen island.

POLTRONA FRAU Le Spighe Leather and Walnut Counter Stool

It’s common to have a kitchen island in an open floor plan, and echoing its placement by positioning a dining table parallel to the island adds eye-pleasing symmetry. The dining room also feels like a separate space because of the difference in materials. Here, a metal tabletop, velvet-accented end chairs, and woven side chairs add up to a distinctively different look from the kitchen.

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  • Posted July 19, 2018
    by John Blom

    Great ideas. Like the one couch and many chairs.Thank you.

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