*Above interior by Megan Winters

Decorating in a beach theme can conjure thoughts of nautical overload and tacky seafood restaurants. But we know that well-chosen pieces and color palettes will never go out of fashion. Smart use of blue and white, woven textures, and casual furnishings will evoke feelings of seaside relaxation. Going coastal is all about creating an atmosphere that makes you want to kick back and relax! However, maintaining a breezy interior doesn’t mean you need to give up any style or elegance. Master the art of beach chic and transform any room into a breezy, comfortable space with these nautical details.

Breezy Basis: Jens Risom Bench Seat Sofa

Start with a foundational piece that’s light and airy. Coastal décor is a classic style, so pick something with simple shapes and natural colors. Then easily build off this minimalist basis with all of your beachy accessories. Interiors will be fresh, modern, and far from a look that’s more souvenir shop than seaside chic.

Woven textures are a must for your beachy interior. They lend a casual and natural feel. Smaller accessories like a basket or tray can be placed on shelves or tucked into corners. Walls can be decorated with flat, woven pieces of art. Incorporate rattan and wicker furnishings like ottomans, chairs, and end tables that are stylish and functional. For a more prominent look, we love this gorgeous Aga John rug. Hand-knotted in Morocco, it’s both perfectly nautical and a uniquely luxurious piece of art.

Small touches of traditional accents are an essential ingredient to your coastal style. Whether your taste is more modern, cottage, Martha’s Vineyard, or Malibu, including some distinctly nautical statement pieces will unite and emphasize any seaside room.

Unexpected Details: James Duncan Hampton Side Table

That being said, balance is key. While adding some more obvious styles will help achieve a coastal look, it’s easy to go overboard. To find a timeless combination, look for unexpected and understated elements. Allude to the beach with pieces that have nautically hinted details, and embrace the unexpected.

Organic Shapes: OTIUM Luna Lamp Slate Blue

Create a connection to the outside world and bring the party inside with a trend that will never go out of style. Skip the obvious seashell, and opt for a more modern look with pieces that have hints of the beach beyond. Look for items with interesting forms and handcrafted uniqueness, like this hand-blown Murano lamp above.

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