The design of our homes often dictate what the focal point is in any room. Whether it’s an oversized window with a gorgeous view, a stunning fireplace, or a unique architectural feature, some spaces already have a “built-in” focal point. For the rest of us, there’s furniture, art, lighting, and accessories to pick up where an architect left off. Here are just a few of our favorite statement pieces currently available at Viyet for creating a focal point:

Roche Bobois Maison Lacroix Ottoman

An accent piece can also function as a focal point, as long as it makes its presence known through elements of pattern, color, texture, or shape. Or, in the case of this ottoman from Christian Lacroix’s collection for Roche Bobois, through embodying all four of these aforementioned elements.

Vintage Moroccan Carved Bone Doors

An architectural antique brings a unique element of character to a space, whether you happen to live in an older home or one that was recently built. Often, these elements can either be used as they were designed or can be treated as art. In this case, this antique “set” of doors could be used as, well, doors – but the stunning inlaid details have the presence of a great piece of art.


Modern Jean-Michel Frank Style Cashmere Sofa

Due to its size, the sofa in a living room usually becomes a focal point. However, a neutral sofa often doesn’t catch the eye the way a bolder design might. While you could go for a bright color or pattern, don’t forget that black can make even more of a statement (and is a bit more versatile than, say, a neon blue sofa).

Vintage Goatskin-Wrapped Coffee Table

That said, a neutral piece can still command attention. The key is to let shape and scale make the statement instead of color. This unique vintage coffee table is covered in a beige goatskin, yet the bold shape and larger size lets it confidently ground a living room.

Vintage 1950s Italian Modernist Armchairs

Though we often think of a focal point in terms of a single statement piece, two can also work. These vibrant, shapely chairs work best when used in a symmetrical arrangement. For instance, you can position the chairs in a seating grouping facing a sofa, or you can place them on either side of a window.

A large sculpture like this bronze and iron piece is a bold choice for entryways, grand halls, living rooms, and open floor plans. You can display the sculpture against a large white wall, use it to punctuate an empty corner, place it on a slim wall between windows, or set it in the middle of a spacious entryway.

Schonbek Refrax Wave Swarovski Crystal Chandelier

In a dining room, an interesting table often serves as a focal point. If you’d rather keep your furniture a bit more streamlined (or would just like to shift the focus elsewhere), look to a dazzling pendant. This glimmering design is an unexpected change of pace from traditional chandeliers.

Vintage Paint-Decorated Bookcase Cabinet

A colorful accent wall can serve as a focal point, but the look doesn’t always fit into your décor style. However, a large storage piece like this vintage bookcase serves the same purpose due to its scale (and occasionally its color). Plus, it offers an attractive place to hide clutter or display collectibles.

Vintage Rose Medallion Area Runner

Hallways are often overlooked when it comes to focal points, but these transitional spaces can still make a powerful impact. While very large halls can include settees and freestanding sculptures, nearly any size hall can benefit from a vibrant runner like this vintage design.

Windsor Smith Giana Queen Headboard

In a bedroom, shift the focus to the headboard. Since it’s a more occasional space, you can go a bit bolder here in terms of silhouette, size, color, or even texture. You’d be surprised at how fresh a bedroom feels after switching out your headboard – perhaps with this whimsical pink design by Windsor Smith that nods to the glamour of Hollywood Regency décor.

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