This month’s color palette focuses on what may seem like an unlikely pair: Teal and copper. Yet, this combination works together in a brilliant way, thanks to how their undertones bring out the best of both hues. The cooler tones found in jewel-tone teal are tempered by the warmth of copper, a contrast that also helps bring out the earthiness of the metallic color. Though we often see teal paired with brass for similar reasons – particularly in the Hollywood Regency style – opting for copper is a bit more unexpected and doesn’t always read “vintage”. If you’re looking to incorporate this bold duo in your décor, here are our picks in teal and copper:

Art & Design Rugs Vintage Wool Kaiser Rug

Why we love it: We’ve long believed that the floor is the “fifth wall” of a room. This makes an area rug the best way to try out a new color – like the deep teal of this vintage rug.

Modern Copper Velvet With Nailhead Trim Modern Sofa

Why we love it: The texture of velvet gives copper a luminous look, making this sofa an excellent choice for those who want something neutral – but also something with a bit more presence than the typical gray or beige.

The Lacquer Company Circles and Squares Table

Why we love it: A strong color emphasizes the form of a design, making it a true statement piece. Here, the bold teal lacquer draws the eye to the unique shape of this modern side table.

Mid-Century Modern Enamel Pedestal Bowl

Why we love it: This vintage accent piece has a clean shape that gives it a more sculptural feel, which is enhanced by the beautiful copper finish.

Vintage 1970s Ceramic Lamp

Why we love it: The 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s produced colorful designs that often featured teal – so if you love this color, you might find more options by going vintage. This ceramic lamp is a great example of the ’70s approach to the color, with its detailed ceramic base and rich glaze.

Curtis Jere Cheese Grater Hanging Chandelier

Why we love it: Like teal, copper was also used to unique effect in vintage designs…and it doesn’t get more whimsical than this chandelier that looks like an oversized grater.

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