Summer is just around the corner, bringing with it a full social calendar. Often, this also means hosting guests. Whether they’re staying for an overnight or a week, a comfortable guest room makes visitors feel at ease. Taking the steps to update this occasional space now will take the stress out of hosting later. This project doesn’t have to be time-consuming, either. A few tweaks are all it takes to turn your guest room from basic to welcoming – and we’ve rounded up the perfect pieces to do just that.

Guest room tip #1: Add texture.

One to try: Modern Silvered Faux Coral Table Lamps

A plush rug, a woven throw pillow, or a lamp with dimensional details adds a dash of the unexpected to the guest room, making this space feel thoughtfully decorated (instead of an afterthought). Our favorite place to incorporate texture is through a pair of table lamps, which also brings a sculptural presence to the bedside for added interest.

Guest room tip #2: Create a focal point.

One to try: Bettertex Small Geometric Cotton Throw Pillow

In a guest room, creating a focal point on or around the bed draws the eye, inviting visitors to relax and unwind. An interesting sculpture, detailed headboard, or even a bold textile will do the trick beautifully.

Guest room tip #3: Update walls with art.

One to try: Vintage Geometric Silkscreen On Paper

Framed art offers the quickest way to make a room look a bit more “finished”. Depending on the piece, art also adds color, pattern, and a sense of energy as well.

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