A stylish rug effortlessly ties a room together, but choosing the perfect one involves careful consideration. While most focus on color or pattern (or both), there’s one element that can make just as much of an impact – and that’s texture. Whether you gravitate towards plush long-yarn knotted rugs or those made using an unobtrusive flatweave technique, these textures add an extra dimension to a room. Here are three to consider the next time you’re looking for a rug:


This type of rug features tufted fibers of silk, wool, wool blends, and other materials in a varying range of configurations. The effect ranges from faint stripes to dimensional patterns made by incorporating different “heights” of tufted fibers.

Two to try:

Above: Shine by S.H.O Peacock Rug, 4’x6′

Above: Shine by S.H.O Bling Rug, 4’x6′



Rugs made using this technique may be made by hand or by machine. Knotted rugs can vary greatly, so it’s an excellent choice for those who want options (or have trouble making up their mind about textures). The key differences come through the length of the yarn (fiber, or material) used to create the pattern. Longer yarns often have a “shaggy” look and feel a bit more plush underfoot, while short yarns are a little easier to maintain.

Two to try:

Above: Marc Phillips Rugs Ben Ourain Moroccan Wool Rug 11’2″x15’11”

Above: Christopher Farr Meander Wool Area Rug 3’11″x3’9″



Generally speaking, rugs with a flatweave often have a more “artisan” or “boho” feel to them. While the texture is unobtrusive – after all, it is flat – that’s not to mean that it’s subtle. Think of it as the rug equivalent of wicker or woven rattan furniture. The flatwoven texture also shifts the focus to the bold patterns that these types of rugs often feature.

Two to try:

Above: Shine by Pasargad Vintage Kilim Diamond Wool Area Rug 6’x10’5″


Above: Apadana Fine Rugs 1950s Turkish Wool Anatolian Rug 3’2″x10’3″


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