Spring is commonly associated with pastel hues and whimsical patterns that take inspiration from the flora and fauna of the season. This year, we’re refreshing our interiors in a new way – with bold patterns, unexpected colors, and rich textures that add eye-catching interest. Ready to take your space in a surprising direction just in time for a new season? Try one of these fresh pieces that are currently for sale at Viyet:

Monica James & Co. French Style Armchairs

Why we love them: Though French armchairs can read traditional, this large-scale pattern gives this set a more eclectic feel. We also love the use of warm gold and orange within the pattern.

Massoud Flamestitch Accent Chair

Why we love it: Not quite a stripe but not quite a chevron, this unique pattern is hard to define – but that’s what gives it impact.

Hickory Chair Claude Barrel Back Armchair

Why we love it: This chair is proof that a small-scale pattern can have the same bold presence as a large-scale pattern, and it’s all thanks to color. Here, tiny trapezoids in a muted red hue are just as eye-catching far away as they are up close (where you can really admire the exquisite texture).

Vintage Bold Botanical Bergère Chair

Why we love it: Think floral prints are a bit too sweet? Think again. This pattern reinterprets blooms and leaves in a more contemporary way, with strong lines and even stronger colors.

Phyllis Morris Versailles Bergères

Why we love them: From the ornate hand-carved frames to the striking purple-and-white upholstery, these are the chairs that definitely make a statement in a space.

Vintage Teak Upholstered Dining Chairs

Why we love them: The woven houndstooth print of the upholstery brings a modern point of view to these gorgeous vintage chairs.

Baker Oval X-Back Upholstered Dining Chairs

Why we love them: Recalling the color of new leaves, the green hue within the dimensional pattern of this set of chairs will beautifully refresh a dining room.


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