It’s that time of the year again – spring cleaning. The change in seasons always inspires a need to clear up our living spaces, which sets the scene for refreshing the décor to reflect spring’s lighter textures and lovely colors. However, a busy schedule doesn’t always make it easy to completely declutter in a weekend. For this reason, it’s best to approach decluttering in smaller steps, and outsource time-consuming tasks if possible.

One easy (and rewarding) way to streamline the clear-out process? By consigning with Viyet. Whether you’re looking to say goodbye to larger pieces that are getting in the way of your project, or have already finished decluttering and now have a number of items you no longer love, our team makes selling your furniture, art, and accessories just about as easy as making an appointment. Here’s a brief overview of how the consignment process works:

Submit Your Items Online

The process is simple and takes mere minutes. First, navigate to Here, you’ll access an online form where you’ll fill out your city, state, zip code, and how you found Viyet. From there, you’ll create an account with your email and password. Once logged in, you’ll be asked to submit a form describing the pieces you’d like to consign with us.

What do we accept? Generally speaking, as the premiere marketplace for designer furniture, lighting, and accessories, we’re focused on high-end pieces. In general, we’re looking for designer brands with a minimum retail price of $1,000 for furniture, $500 for lighting, and $100 for accessories. Condition-wise, we’re looking for pieces in excellent or good (with a little TLC) condition.

We also take select vintage and antique pieces that are timeless in style and in excellent to good shape.

Schedule Your Complimentary Curator Appointment

When logged into your account, you’ll be able to make your free appointment with a curator, who will assess your pieces in your home, office, or storage facility.

At your appointment, your curator will be assessing, photographing, and documenting every detail of your consigned pieces. If you have any receipts or documentation of where you bought the piece (and how much you paid), keep those for your appointment.

Wait For The Offers To Roll In

You’ll receive up to 60% of the resale price when your consigned items sell. Your exact commission structure will be determined at the time of your free curator appointment. Know that the number of items you sell also can impact your commission – if you sell 1-20 items with Viyet, you’ll receive 50% commission on the sale amount; 21+ items, you’ll receive 60% commission on the sale amount.

For even more information, take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions

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