If you’ve been to (or have read the headlines about) a decorative art auction in recent years, then you’ve likely noticed that competition has been heating up. While mid-century pieces have been on an upward trend price-wise for decades now, even formerly overlooked categories (like ceramics and 18th-century furniture) are seeing a surge in popularity. If you’re looking to start a collection with a little less competition, look to these investment pieces currently for sale at Viyet. These items were highlighted by our team of curators as exceptional values – whether in terms of condition, designer, rarity, composition, provenance, or all of the above – so act fast.

Gabriel Dean Mott Sideboard

Why we love it: Designed by contemporary furniture “designer to watch” Gabriel Dean Anderson, this sophisticated handmade cabinet offers a new aesthetic for storage that will make this piece a potentially iconic one. We also love the contrast of the authentic gold gilding and the rich walnut.


Gabriel Dean Prince Dining Table

Why we love it: Another piece by Gabriel Dean Anderson, this elegant modern table is an exquisite work. The materials are as exceptional as the design – the table (which seats eight) is made from Bolivian rosewood, and the top and base are detailed with authentic gold gilding.


Mid-Century Modern Wood Zigzag Chairs

Why we love them: Yes, mid-century design is always a great investment – but when collecting this era, look for more distinctive designs than the usual spare Danish silhouettes. This set of chairs has a silhouette that’s unusual for the period, making these a rare find.

Vintage Mid-Century Italian Mohair Lounge Chair

Why we love it: While many collectors focus on Scandinavian or American mid-century pieces, Italian works from the era often present a great value. This classic chair may appear to be a contemporary interpretation of mid-century design, but it’s indeed a vintage piece – and this quality perhaps represents the timelessness of Italian mid-century design. The richly hued velvet upholstery and shining angled legs make this an eye-catching addition to any living space.

Piero Fornasetti Vintage Italian Porcelain Plates

Why we love them: Vintage Fornasetti works are very, very sought-after, which makes them a little difficult to find on the vintage/antique market. (Designers such as Kelly Wearstler and Ken Fulk are just a few of the many who collect Fornasetti works.) Plates are particularly collectible – and this authentic set of five plates that dates back to 1955 offers a great starting point for building a future collection.

Bernhardt Aiden Acrylic King-Size Upholstered Canopy Bed Frame

Why we love it: Acrylic furniture has surprisingly surged in popularity in recent years, perhaps spurred by a renewed interest in the boundary-pushing acrylic designs of the ’70s and ’80s. However, the interest in acrylic also extends to more current works as well. This stylish bed pairs Lucite with touches of brass and a silk velvet-upholstered headboard for a more timeless interpretation of the trend.

Tomek Sadurski Hand-Painted Feather Surfboard


Why we love it: This pair of surfboards was hand-painted (and signed) by renowned illustrator and art director Tomek Sadurski. The limited-edition surfboards are both quirky yet sophisticated, making them an unforgettable addition to your art collection.

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