Sometimes, a small difference can make an impact in a space. This is certainly the truth when it comes to your sofa, an element in a room that can often “disappear” compared to other, more dramatic, focal points. The easy fix is the simplest one: A new set of pillows. Though it’s a small change, the contrast in material, color, or pattern draws the eye – making you see even a long-loved sofa in a whole new light. Take inspiration from a few of our favorite sofa and pillow combinations currently available at Viyet, and get started on your new project:

Carter Parallel Sofa + Overland Australian Sheepskin Pillows

Why it works: The lush pillows pick up on the soft texture (and soft color) of this shell pink sofa.

George Sherlock Sofa + Kravet Greek Mosaic Adler Barletta Pillow

Why it works: A white sofa is the perfect blank canvas for trying out rich colors or graphic patterns. This pattern, however, still has a classic feel that’s in keeping with the more traditional look of this versatile sofa.

Traditional Curved Back Sofa + Sutherland Velvet Tiger Pillows

Why it works: While accessorizing with animal print can be tricky – when paired with the wrong elements, it can go a little too ’80s – the simple lines of this modern sofa keep the bold print from being overwhelming.

Thayer Coggin Drop-In Sofa + Judy Ross Textiles Fraction Hand-Embroidered Pillow

Why it works: Graphic patterns have maximum impact when paired with a simple piece like this streamlined sofa. The dark upholstery picks up the rich shade of black within the pillow, while also making the white segments appear brighter.


Modern Curved Sofa + Jonathan Adler Zigzag Wool and Velvet Throw Pillow


Why it works: This contemporary sofa has a shapely silhouette that has a distinct vintage influence – and so do these pillows.

Ralph Lauren Home Chinoiserie Sofa + Bettertex Floral Linen Throw Pillow

Why it works: The design of this sofa interprets a classic style in a modern way, from the clean-lined silhouette to the dimensional upholstery. While a floral pattern can often feel too stuffy, this particular design doesn’t. Here, it’s all about the over-scaled print and subdued color.

Timothy Oulton Westminster Button Leather Three-Seat Sofa + Bettertex Creation Baumann Windowpane Wool Throw Pillow

Why it works: Accessorizing a traditional style (such as a tufted Chesterfield sofa) can be more challenging than accessorizing a more contemporary design. The eye-catching tufting can be tough to balance visually, but the bigger issue is keeping “traditional” from looking “out of date”. Yet, a pillow that goes too modern can look out of place. The solution? Simplicity. The soft texture of the pillow subtly contrasts against the smooth leather, while the low-key pattern adds a hint of detail without distracting.

Jonathan Adler Whitaker Sofa + Judy Ross Textiles Paris Hand-Embroidered Throw Pillow

Why it works: Though this sofa has tufted details, the clean silhouette and neutral upholstery make it easier to accessorize. Though you could go with a neutral pillow, the sofa has a “quirky” look that lends itself well to bolder pillow options. This bright pillow’s artful design would be perfect.




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