Modernism Week makes its annual return to Palm Springs, where the desert city will play host to countless tours, lectures, and parties all celebrating the best of design – particularly, the mid-century era that made Palm Springs an iconic destination. If you can’t make it there, you don’t have to miss out on all things modernism. Instead, shop the colorful and handsome classics from the mid-century period (along with designs inspired by that era) right here at Viyet.

Mid-Century Modern 1960s Mexican Iron and Glass Coffee Table

Why we love it: The mid-century period was all about shape, form, and line – the bolder, the better. You can especially see this sensibility in the angular base of this unique coffee table. The clear glass top keeps the look from being too heavy or distracting, making the table an unexpected statement piece.

Organic Modernism Siena Long Sofa

Why we love it: Though this sofa is from the contemporary Brooklyn-based studio Organic Modernism, we find that the tapered legs and streamlined seat reveal a distinct influence from mid-century design. While the sleek shape is undoubtedly elegant, the plush back cushions make the sofa very comfortable and inviting.

Hazel Rakestraw California Sailboats

Why we love it: The gorgeous color and dynamic brushstrokes draw the eye in this exquisite work, which dates back to the 1960s. Wondering where the serene scene took place? It’s likely the waterfront in or near the artist’s favorite setting of La Jolla, California.

Modern Decanter

Why we love it: Made of hand-blown glass, this golden decanter is a modern update on those found in mid-century homes – where a shapely decanter would always be found, whether on a bar cart or sideboard.

Paul McCobb Vintage Maple Double Dresser

Why we love it: Handmade in the United States in the 1950s, this solid-wood dresser has never looked out-of-date. Why? It’s all about the clean silhouette and beautiful finish.

Gerald Thurston Porcelain Table Lamp

Why we love it: The postwar contemporary works by this noted designer are highly sought by collectors, making this circa-1950s fin-shaped lamp a rare find.

Mid-Century Modern Curtis Jere Style Brass Mirror

Why we love it: Though it dates beyond the mid-century period (specifically, to the 1970s), this distinctive mirror was inspired by the pioneering Curtis Jere studio (which produced exceptional metal works from the ’60s-on). Place it above a sleek polished wood console or sideboard to emphasize the material contrast.

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