Color is a topic that never fails to inspire a lot of strong feelings. Though it’s easy to think of color preferences as purely stylistic decisions, they’re often a reflection of our personality and lifestyle. Your tastes may evolve over time, too. You might have loved black (and rejected softer hues) during a rebellious teenage phase, but you then might have grown up to eventually see the virtues of pink. So, what does your favorite color right now say about you? Here’s a quick personality “test,” along with a few of our favorite furniture and accessories in each shade.


Pink can be under-appreciated, mainly because of all the stereotypes about the color: That it’s too girly, too bright, too preppy or even old-fashioned. To you, though, pink radiates confidence — just like you. Not only does it take a certain fearlessness to paint an entryway hot pink, you also know that you can always paint over it later. You can’t quite understand why others would opt for neutrals when there are so many colors out there.

Try it out:Shine By Pasargad Overdyed Hand-Knotted Wool Area Rug


Whether used on the wall or as a finish, there’s no better way to add an element of drama than with the color black. Though many shy away from such a color because it elicits such strong reactions, you know exactly how to use it to get your point (and style) across. Though you know how to take a risk, you’re not reckless. Instead, you thoughtfully weigh your options before you make a bold choice.

Try it out:Jonathan Adler Pagoda Side Table


Green takes on different meanings depending on the shade, from serene light sage greens to more serious Hunter greens. Perhaps you recognize this already, since you’re the type of person who can appreciate the nuances of any particular subject or situation. Because of this aspect of your personality, you’re a natural problem-solver who stays calm in a crisis.

Try it out:Cliff Young LTD Green Lacquer End Table


Not surprisingly, this sunny shade is usually preferred by optimists. Even in darker shades, yellow never fails to brighten up a room. Fittingly, you’re also someone who brightens up a room with your warm personality. You’re a great friend who is always available when others need a kind word, but you also have a certain strength that allows you to care for others without sacrificing yourself.

Try it out:Vintage Raymond Loewy Style Tall Dresser


This color can be a rare sight in decor. Whether it’s a true citrus hue or an autumnal pumpkin, orange is one of those colors you either love or hate. But, it’s also a color that has a way of bringing energy to a room like no other, and makes a distinctive impression. Those who love orange tend to be very ambitious — perhaps they are inspired by the energizing effect of the color.

Try it out:Mid-Century Modern Jet Desk


Others would say you’re opinionated, but you’d describe yourself as “passionate.” You have a strong sense of self that allows you to go with your gut and speak up. Like pink, red can be underutilized due to a fear of making a wrong color choice — that it’ll dominate a room, or distract from other pieces, or be difficult to live with. However, you know precisely how to use it in a way that suits your unique style.

Try it out:Room Gitane Tufted-Back Sofa


Introspective and creative, those who love purple can trend towards being a little moody. (That’s not necessarily a bad thing, as emotions can inspire new ideas.) Purple relates to that moodiness because it’s the result of two distinctive colors balancing to achieve a gorgeous result. From plum to violet, each shade of purple inspires different feelings — and your sensitivity allows you to sense that.

Try it out:SE London Modern Small Bistro Dining Table


Loyal and hard-working, your schedule is always packed — whether with work, family, friends, or all of the above —and this cool color calms you when you need it most. To you, loyalty and being there when people need you the most is a high priority. This alludes to a more traditional aspect of your personality, which might also be a reason you’re drawn to this classic color.

Try it out:Knoll Vintage Blue Chairs


To you, the color is like a vintage leather chair or a polished wood chest of drawers. It’s comforting, but in a more sophisticated way than other colors. With your ability to see these different aspects of this overlooked color, it’s no surprise that you tend to be an aficionado of the finer things in life.

Try it out:Fairfield Harrison Lounge Chair


You’re efficient, adaptable and always looking ahead. But like the color, you’re a little more complex than first glance. You’re not necessarily all-business: You have a warmth that others notice the more they spend time with you. Similar to those who like green or brown, you’re able to see nuances where others don’t. It’s why you can go on about the pros and cons of cool vs. warm grays, where everyone else just sees “gray.”

Try it out:Traditional Gray Linen Sofa


You could’ve written “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” well before Marie Kondo did. A clean space with minimal clutter is what makes you happiest — and pristine white walls visually declutter the space around you. You’re not the type who has trouble getting rid of unneeded things, but it’s not because you lack sentimentality. Instead, you truly want to help others who might need the things that don’t have a purpose for you anymore.

Try it out:T.H. Robsjohn-Gibbings White Slipper Chairs

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