The all-American power couple opens their doors to Sotheby’s Home in this exclusive sale of their exquisite furniture and decór, collected and cherished throughout the years in their Connecticut landmark mansion.

Since tying the knot in 2008, Dee and Tommy Hilfiger have been busy with their respective fashion lines (the eponymous Tommy Hilfiger and Dee Ocleppo), a brood of seven kids and multiple residences to furnish. Their main residence, also known as Round Hill (Connecticut), serves as the perfect backdrop for the couple’s American heritage sensibility and refined taste.

Of the pieces you’re consigning with Sotheby’s Home, which are your favorites?
Tommy Hilfiger: I love all the authentic framed nautical flags, the enormous drums we used as shelves in Sebastian’s bedroom and the Americana eagle sculptures, because I’m obsessed with AMERICANA!

The Americana Dream
From left: Timothy Oulton Regiment Drum Bookcases (Set of 2), Traditional Style Nautical Signal Flags (Set of 2) and Americana Style Eagle Weathervane Sculpture

Do you have any design tips for homeowners working on renovations with an interior designer?
Dee Hilfiger: Use your own taste level—decorators aren’t mind readers, give them specific direction.
TH: When we work with designers, we give overall direction, then pick and choose (we micromanage!) every detail, so I guess you could call it a collaboration of sorts!

How did you come to acquire the special treasures from the Duke and Duchess of Windsor that will now be available on Sotheby’s Home?
TH: I bought items from the Duke and Duchess of Windsor auction at Sotheby’s years back. I loved the imagery and chic lifestyle they lived.

Will any pieces from your Plaza Hotel penthouse be available on Sotheby’s Home? If so, which pieces?  
DH: Anything leopard.

Leopard Print Luxury
From left: Hollywood Regency Style Leopard Print Stools and Victorian Writing Desk

What initially attracted you to the Greenwich home?
DH: The English countryside, privacy and old-world charm.

Is the Greenwich home designed to be family friendly throughout, or are certain spaces off limits to protect precious objects?
DH: It is family friendly throughout, so many children—nothing is off limits.

Get The Hilfiger Look
Featured products: Bartlett & Son Tea Canister Table Lamps, Americana Style Spreadwing Eagle, Victorian Writing Desk and Victorian Tufted Club Chairs (Set of 2)

In the spirit of promoting togetherness, Dee supports The Family Dinner Project, a non-profit that champions dinnertime as an opportunity for family to connect with each other through food, fun and conversation. Likewise, the couple’s curated consignment at Sotheby’s Home would not be complete without pieces for entertainment. From serious barware, like the all-in-one Baccarat Cave à Liqueur, to fun home décor finds from household names like Hermès, Christian Dior and Cartier, the Hilfigers have rounded out a ready-to-party assortment for your holiday gatherings.

From left: Baccarat Cave à Liqueur, Hermès Horse And Jockey Print Pillow, Christian Dior Palladio Ashtrays and Cartier Enameled Ashtray

Shop the full collection from Tommy and Dee Hilfiger exclusively on Sotheby’s Home.

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