Above, an eclectic array of pillows adds interest in the living room of designer Merisa Libbey, as featured in Domino.

Though we often focus on the bigger pieces in a room, it’s the accessories that often contribute the main “style”. This is primarily because most of us choose neutral pieces to anchor our rooms, from sofas to storage furniture. Against this neutral backdrop, color and pattern come through your choice of art, accessories, and rugs. As a result, completely changing the look of a space is as easy as swapping out these pieces for something new. The easiest and most affordable accessory to start with? Pillows.

While pillows may seem insignificant, their shape, size, color, and material make a big impact. For instance, floor cushions in an exotic print can bring a boho edge to a traditional room. Or, you can use pillows in matching hues to unify different styles of seating in more eclectic rooms. With an accessory so affordable, it’s worth it to keep a few different options in your home so you can refresh a room when the need strikes. Here are just a few favorite pillows currently for sale at Viyet:

Jonathan Adler Brasilia Birds Blue Pillows

Why we love them: The ’60s-inspired birds that grace each pillow bring a certain whimsy that doesn’t look too kitsch. The clean form of each bird (and the composition) also makes the pillows feel a bit closer to art than a pattern.

Custom Bodrum Ikat Pillows

Why we love them: Ikat has gone beyond the “trendy” label that the print has been given in recent years. The colorful, timeless pattern is eye-catching on its own, but also mixes beautifully with other patterns (from florals to geometrics).

VEERO Heera Throw Pillow

Why we love it: Made of luminous sari fabric, this pillow has an exquisite texture that’s even more stunning in person.

Custom Silk Velvet Turkish Pillow

Why we love it: Silk and velvet bring out the richness of the brilliant red and blue hues that make up the pattern of this pillow.

Kravet Coated Linen Throw Pillows

Why we love them: Intense black gives these pillows a decidedly modern feel. The dual finishes add interest to what at first glance looks like a simple design.

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