The “Gothic” look might bring to mind dark interiors that go heavy on the wood, wrought iron, velvet, and dark colors. While this is somewhat true – a look at any Gothic castle will confirm the stereotype – a few pieces in the style can go a long way in a home. Gothic décor adds a little bit of welcome drama, especially in interiors that take a more streamlined, modern approach. The bold lines of a wrought iron chandelier add character above a sleek kitchen island, a little bit of velvet makes a dining room feel cozier, and the interesting silhouette of an antique Gothic chair draws the eye. Whether we’re talking about antiques from the design period, or furniture and accessories that just have that intriguing “Gothic” look, the following pieces make a statement in any space.

Traditional Iron Eight-Arm Chandelier

Why we love it: Wrought iron emboldens the simple forms of this chandelier, giving it a monumental feel. Though undeniably bold, its lack of ornamentation means it’s not over-the-top.

Vintage Gothic-Style Walnut Armchair

Why we love it: The highly detailed back brings to mind the splendor of Gothic windows, lending a sculptural quality to this accent chair.


Antique Fin-de-Siècle French Gothic Revival Brass Seven-Light Collapsible Candelabrum

Why we love it: This candelabra is ornate without going too heavy on the details. We were also surprised by the fact that it was designed to collapse in a number of ways for easy storage.


Antique Five-Light Candelabras

Why we love them: This striking pair measures almost 20″ in height, making them the rare accessory that can hold its own in a dramatically high-ceilinged space.

Vintage Gothic-Style Hall Chair

Why we love it: The rich details and sumptuous red velvet upholstery make this chair a particularly decadent accent piece.

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