One of the easiest ways to give your living room a new look is to change the way you arrange your furniture. There are a number of tricks designers use for furniture placement in the living room, but the best is to create a conversation grouping with accent chairs. (The next best trick? Pulling the sofa away from the wall.) Placement, of course, depends on room size.

In a smaller space, you can position one accent chair across from the sofa, or position it perpendicularly to the sofa. In larger rooms, you can group two accent chairs across from the sofa. Or, you can group the two accent chairs perpendicularly to the sofa, angling the chairs towards one another. If there’s enough space, add a small side table between the two chairs.

In addition, accent chairs can add a pop of color, pattern, or texture to a room that can make a big impact in the space. Looking for new seating options? We’ve rounded up just a few of our favorite accent chairs currently available for sale at Viyet:

Modern Bent Plywood Chairs

Why we love them: Modern-day interiors usually lean heavily on mid-century styles (especially those embracing the minimalist style), so opting for these more sculptural vintage chairs will give your space a little more character. Designed in the style of Sori Yanagi, these lightweight accent chairs also helpfully stack for storage.

Vintage Bold Botanical Chair

Why we love it: The bold print offers an unexpected take on typical floral patterns. The matte black finish of the wood accentuates the curvaceous silhouette of the bergère chair, which in turn complements the curved lines within the fabric’s pattern.

Antique Swedish Carved Accent Chairs

Why we love them: Statement seating doesn’t always have to have strong colors or feature bold patterns. These stunning antique chairs have an interesting shape and subtle carvings that will draw the eye without overwhelming the space.

Barclay Butera Davis Leopard Wingback

Why we love it: A dash of leopard print adds a touch of personality to an interior. You’d also be pleasantly surprised at how versatile the timeless pattern can be – it works with everything from traditional to eclectic interiors (and every style in between).

Interior Crafts Transitional High-Back Chair

Why we love it: For a more neutral look that still makes an impact, opt for a chair with great lines. This high-back chair is exceptionally comfortable without sacrificing style. It’s all thanks to the fluid silhouette of the chair. Like the bold floral print chair featured in our roundup, the dark wood trim emphasizes the graceful shape.

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