We’ve long believed that the fastest way to incorporate a new color into your décor scheme is with a rug. After all, your floor could be considered the “fifth wall” of a room. Though many choose a rug that coordinates with other colors within the room, selecting a rug in a contrasting color makes a dramatic impression. With so many possibilities to consider, we’ve narrowed down the options with this simple approach: Use a red rug to contrast against a cool palette, or a blue rug to contrast against a warm palette. Here are just a few of our favorites that beautifully fit either approach:

Nourison Coral Red and Cream Deco Rug

Originally curated by Woodson & Rummerfield’s House of Design for the Wattles Mansion Showcase, this designer-approved rug has a deeper hue and simple design. It’s an excellent choice to contrast in rooms with brighter cool colors like lime or turquoise.

Glen Cove Sari Silk Area Rug

Made of 100% sari silk, this vibrant rug is pure luxury. The small accents of blue help tie this rug together with other cool-hued accents in a room, while the bold red background gives dramatic contrast.

Art & Design Rugs Kafkas Kilim Rug

Kilim rugs are always in style, though they have become “trendy” in recent years as part of the boho look. This stunning hand-knotted rug has a gorgeous deep red hue with subtle glimpses of dark blue, grey, and orange.

Aga John Navy Indian Rug

Made of a wool/silk blend, this rug combines the luxury of silk with the durability of wool. The navy hue has subtle variations of color that add extra interest, while the simple pattern lets this mix well with other prints within the room. Contrast this rug in rooms that feature coral and orange for a stylish look.

Aga John Blue Contemporary Rug

Another pick from luxury rug brand Aga John, this rug has an artful mix of patterns. It’s a great choice for minimalistic or modern interiors, especially those with deeper red hues throughout the room.

Pasargad Transitiona Collection Area Rug

Low-key and luxurious, this wool/silk area rug features a softer blue hue that offers a more subtle contrast. Though it could work with any warm color palette, we’d love to pair this one with hot pink hues.

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