One of the things we love most about the change in seasons is the change in the light: Fall days bring a golden hue that brings out the intensity of colors. This gorgeous light enhances bolder colors, especially if you’re looking to experiment with dramatic contrasts in your interior – and it doesn’t get more dramatic than a palette that uses complementary colors. These are the colors that sit across each other on the color wheel. (Think: Red and green, purple and yellow, or blue and orange.) We’re taking inspiration this month from these strong hues, paired to bring out the best in each other. From bold mid-century chairs to rich yellow accessories, here are just a few pairings we’d love to see:

Ligne Roset Mid-Century French Pop Lounge Chair + Mid-Century Modern Ultramarine Aluminum and Brass Swivel Sconce

Why this pair works: Cool blue amps up the warmth of the burnt orange upholstery of this stylish chair. We also love the way the curved lines of the light echo the curved lines of the chair.

Phillips Collection Purple Seat-Belt Chairs + Boyd Yellow and Crystal Lunar Chandelier

Why this pair works: Like the hues of the gorgeous iris flower, the best contrast comes when pairing a bold purple with an equally bold yellow. On their own, the chairs would steal the spotlight in any dining room. But, the strong shape and hue of the chandelier above draws the eye up and around the space.

Holland & Sherry Mid-Century Trudeau Chair + Traditional Chinese-Style Sang de Boeuf Glazed Porcelain Vase

Why this pair works: The key to keeping green and red from automatically seeming like holiday colors is to make sure the red has a darker hue. You can also temper the contrast by incorporating wood between the green and red hues. The emerald green of the chair is simply sophisticated when paired with the jewel-like finish of the glazed vase.

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