Enter SWOON, the multi-disciplinary design firm run by Samantha Sano and Joslyn Taylor. The studio’s team caters to a full range of style needs – from luxury branding and art direction to residential and commercial interior design. SWOON brings their clients’ dreams closer to reality through their commitment to detail, artistic vision, and spirited sensibility.


What inspired this career path for you? 
Our team has had a variety of professional experiences and boasts a range of talents (past jobs held by varying team members include graphic designer, art director, magazine editor, writer, event planner, and marketing director to name a few), so for us it was really natural to offer cross-disciplinary design services. We’re makers, we love getting hands-on, and we have a strong marketing background, so we approach everything with the mind-set that good design, no matter the medium, is memorable, impactful, and evokes feeling.

Tell us about your creative process. 
We keep things very organic. While each member of the team is largely focused on either graphics or interiors, we’re not big on hierarchy and putting people too firmly into boxes. We look at each project on a case-by-case basis and decide how to assemble a team that brings the right skill set and freshest perspective to the work. It’s very common to have a graphic designer working on an interiors project and vice versa, and when we produce events, it’s pretty much all hands on deck.

Describe your style in 6 words or less.
Organic with a hit of glam. Masculine meets feminine.
A reflection of our clients’ best selves.

What’s a staple in your tool kit?  
Aged brass, stone, plants, hip-hop, classic jazz, and a good cocktail.

Tell us your favorite design-related word, phrase, or quote.
“The details are not the details. They make the design.”   –Charles Eames

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